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03-Jul-2020 23:02

Charge is reported as unauthorised These are legit charges by the looks of it.I was shocked as you all are, but I went through my holiday receipts and found the transactions.I bought a Michael korls handbag on 25th December, they emailed me that when they ship they'll let me know, haven't had from them, am in doubt waiting for one more day and call my bank to get back my money if no results from them I have been charged 115.81 Electric Parts and Equipment effective on and Processed on . I am trying to dispute it with my credit card company.The Narrative on my bank statement reported is CTBILL *hardtimeltd 00001. (TD) This has also come up on my bank statement on 15th December 2017 and I have no idea what it is for.I was charge SGD 177.48 for an unknown purchase on Seems to come from china.Description on bill: GZSEADEN TRADE GUIZHOUSHENGCN(FOREIGN AMOUNT YUAN RENMINBI 845.64GZSEADEN TRADE)I have called Citibank to inform them and shared with them about this community here, who shared the same plight I have an invoice for .89 for a watch from Meyerwatch but the charge on my credit card says Maxactin*meyerwatch 844-7402975 Fl is for $.98.41 This is a pretty big discrepancy I do not have a number to call to resolve this.

The bank told me it is a company in China that make it look like a UK site and the goods are fake goods when they arrive. I ordered a sweatshirt and was charged from PES*LIKEMUCH BEIJING CHN 303.00 YUAN RENMINBI Subject to foreign fee I received a confirmation email that my payment went through on 12/9/17 but nothing from the company itself.

The currency conversion from Australian dollars to USA $ was incorrect (overcharged) and all I am left with is an illegal copy of a jersey and no return/complaints option. Have contacted my bank and they have cancelled my credit card and issuing me with a new one.

The bank will monitor and see if the vendor tries to complete transaction.

There was nothing about China indicated on my order so I thought I would have received it before Christmas.

The information above is from my credit card statement. The confirmation email just said it was from [email protected] That's vague! I´m going to wait for a few days and then I will accept the charge or not.I asked a question and they took a couple of weeks to respond.

One of the reasons why I dropped them was that I started to become tired of too many disney-ish songs.… continue reading »

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