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10-Aug-2020 15:23

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In Orthodox Jewish life, the law of the land is followed, and such young marriage is banned in most countries.

Many will say that there is a current shidduch crisis going on.

Apparently, there are many unmarried girls who can't find boys to marry.

As these girls age, it becomes more and more difficult for them to find a mate.

Jewish singles dating services are a fun, adventurous and effective way to find a perspective marriage partner. Have something interesting to say on Jewish Singles Dating Services?

Core Traits, like your emotional temperament, social style and sense of humor; and Vital Attributes, such as your communication style, spirituality and family background, all determine your compatibility with another person – and it’s these factors we use to help find you a match.

We also know that it’s important for Jewish singles to meet people in their local area, which is why on e Harmony you can adjust your distance settings to only look for matches within a certain area.

Full-time Torah study was seen as a valid reason for delaying marriage, but life-long celibacy was, and still is, discouraged.

In modern times, child marriage is not practiced at all in the Jewish community.

Many Jewish singles have turned to the myriad of special prayers and segulas, or spiritual remedies, to find a match.

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