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With large breasts, a pretty face and a blouse perhaps just a size too small, the counter girl could recommend dishwater and some men would order it.Three open top buttons also usually guaranteed what change there was from their purchase usually wound up in her tip cup.Finally, there was the last category, the one in which she fell in. Which wasn't as bad as it sounded, Courtney reminded herself.While she would never be rich, she knew, her salary and the alimony checks from her ex-husband allowed her to live a comfortable, if ordinary life. Courtney had married Jim Davis, three years her senior, right out of high school."Good choice," the short haired blonde said as she rang up the order, "I think that's the best one they've come out with in a while." Although not as frequent a customer as many people in the shopping center, Courtney came in often enough to know that Alicia wasn't the type to sell patrons on the product.Not that she probably couldn't if she wanted to, at least among the male population that walked through the doors to the store.Now successful and moving in the circles he'd striven for, Jim decided that he needed a wife that could help advance, not hinder his career.Someone who would fit in with the wives of the doctors on the hospital board he was trying to join and discuss society matters, not the best way to get the bathroom clean.

Oh she would have lovers of course, going so far as to live with a few for a time. Her life, she told him, however it went, would be on her terms.

Finishing college, he'd gone on to medical school while she, putting aside her own plans, went off to work to support the two of them.

It was a struggle at times, but they'd made it and by the time they celebrated their fifteenth anniversary, Jim had taken over the practice from the doctor he'd gone to work for after his internship.

"Thank you for shopping at Food Barn," Courtney Davis smiled as she handed the old man at her register his change and receipt.

Before turning to the next customer in line, the thirty-eight year old brunette glanced up at the large clock on the wall, relieved to see that she only had only a few hours to go until her work day was over.

Two more customers paid for their shopping orders and Courtney closed out her register to take her break.

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