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Related to these and, in particular, this last are the repeated reference to the two '' theology generally.Not only are these the essence, allegedly, of 'Jesus'' (also, I prefer to put 'Jesus'' name in single quotes) teaching in the Gospels and James' in the Letter ascribed to his name in the New Testament and in early Church literature generally; but they are also the basis in the picture provided by Josephus of John the Baptist's teaching and a central category of ''), the only really clearly identifiable term of self-designation in the Dead Sea Scrolls - a denominative also designating the followers of James par excellence and the group succeeding or basically coeval with ''), the War Scroll, and those documents related to it.The gravitational pull between the Earth and Moon causes the Earths oceans to have tides.The tidal friction between the Earths terrestrial surface and the water moving over it causes energy to be added to the Moon.One could go on perhaps endlessly to give examples of allusions or expressions from the Scrolls demonstrating a First-Century CE provenance for these kinds of later '' by any commentator (including, as far as I can see, the recently-departed, late Professor Geza Vermes of Oxford, who literally portrays me almost as an idiot in his work - please, don't all agree); but, as I think I have in work after work - which of course, he gives very little evidence of ever having read - repeatedly demonstrated; it clearly relates to the ' and Josephus that, because of this, all capital sentences imposed in this Period under such jurisdiction were to be considered unlawful or invalid.Finally there is the reference in the Damascus Document to ' (Watkins/Sterling, 2006).

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But because the scientific establishment and the media are biased against a Creator, and because evolution requires an old earth to appear plausible, the public at large is rarely told about the mounting evidence that contradicts the belief in an old earth and the In the pages that follow we discuss 22 clocks, or indicators that the Earth and Universe are young.That leaves us only Vespasian and his son Titus to satisfy this characterization who did, in fact, plunder the Temple in 70 CE and used the proceeds afterwards to pay for the abomination, now famously referred to worldwide as ' than this extremely telling allusion and this is what is meant by a proper appreciation of 'the internal data' being frustrated or rendered meaningless by inept and/or over-inflated claims for and reliance upon '' (known to have been carried out by the Romans) and the wholesale and wanton destruction wrought by these foreign invaders.

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