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26-Dec-2019 06:28

Power imbalance also puts teens at risk for health problems, says Emilio Ulloa, Ph D, a psychology professor at San Diego State University. “Victims of interpersonal violence are less likely to have equal footing with their partners,” says Ulloa.Ulloa, with his student Christina Buelna, surveyed 290 college students and found that victims of interpersonal violence were more likely to report feeling powerless in their relationships and to contract sexually transmitted infections, according to the study published in the , (Vol. “They may be less likely to complain if their boyfriend has multiple partners, less likely to refuse to participate in sexual activity and more likely to be coerced into it.” The 2006 CDC report had a related finding: The roughly 1.5 million school students who’ve been the victim of physical dating violence in the previous year were more likely to have sex, binge drink, get into fights and attempt suicide.Such education efforts are vital to ensuring teens’ safety, says Julia da Silva, director of APA’s Office of Violence Prevention.“We know that most of the time physical and emotional violence against women is committed by someone they know, and it’s important to help women recognize the warning signs,” she says.To that end, Jennifer Ann’s Group is teaching teens, parents and other influential adults about the signs of teen partner violence, and how to respond to it.In particular, they have been distributing wallet cards that outline 10 signs of an abusive relationship and four steps for creating a safety plan.Crecente also started a nonprofit group, named for his daughter.Through Jennifer Ann’s Group, Crecente and Richeson have helped pass a law in Texas: H. 121, which mandates that every school district in the state have a policy on intimate partner violence and provides a model policy that includes education and prevention.

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Through Aneesa Michelle’s Group, which Rivera named after her niece — who was killed by her boyfriend in 2008 — Rivera has given dozens of talks to high school students to challenge the belief that violence is an acceptable way to resolve conflicts.The card also lists a 24- hour, toll-free helpline. You can carry it in your wallet and it looks like a credit card,” says Crecente.“It’s also durable, so you can pass it along from friend to friend.” Hundreds of school groups, church groups and activists have requested the cards, including Rivera of Aneesa Michelle’s Group, who passed out the Spanish-language version at the Puerto Rican Day parade in New York last summer.Since that law passed in 2007, several other states have followed suit, including Rhode Island and, most recently, Ohio.

Jennifer Ann’s Group is also working to strengthen laws that protect teens with violent partners — by, for instance, allowing them to apply for protective orders on their own and ensuring harsh punishments for people who violate those orders. Pediatricians have begun screening young patients for abusive relationships. And this year, Congress declared February to be “National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month” — a pronouncement that inspired hundreds of local agencies, state governments and nonprofit groups to redouble efforts to protect teens from intimate partner violence.

The study suggests that teen dating violence can tip off a cascade of other negative health consequences, and it underscores the importance of prevention efforts, Noonan says.