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Beginning in MY 2010, the COMAND 3.5 used in the S-Class and the CL-Class had Bluetooth built into the COMAND unit, and did not use a separate puck.I have updated this post as of late April 2008 to account for new equipment such as the "Universal PSE" and the "Cradle eliminator" cable that will aid owners of 2000-2003 cars in equipping their cars for the many new state "hands free" laws.--Last, if you have a MOST Bus equipped car with an MHI phone system, posts 1, 5, and 9 apply.NOTE: The phone bulletin for your car will make reference to the type of fiber optics you have, but if you need confirmation see post #2 at or at page 16, lost on Paul H.

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The MHI system continued to be used in different North American models through 2009, though beginning with the '08 C-Class, and continuing with the '09 CLS, SL, SLK, and S-Classes, Bluetooth was standard equipment and did not have to be ordered separately.

Dick's site have been reconstituted by member Ex-Fed in a pdf file attached at the bottom of this post. The links cover some models dating from '99, most models from '00 through '05, and some from '06.

They also contain the CDC installation instructions for some models.

For those having D2B fiber optics busses, 3rd party options for Bluetooth are limited except for complete head unit and audio system replacement (though mp3 player options are available).

The Primer on audio systems at some of those options. A WORD ABOUT PRE-WIRING: Pre-wired for hands free communication (or phone) means that the connecting wire and fiber optic harnesses are in place.

This thread addresses the following cell phone upgrade issues for North American specification Mercedes cars: 1) How to add a compatible plug-in phone to replace Star Tacs or Time Ports or V60 phones when a service provider will no longer register them; 2) How to convert a Star Tac, Time Port, or V60 system to Bluetooth, or to add a Bluetooth system from scratch, in a Model Year 00 through 03 Benz; 3) How to add a cell phone to an 03-04 E-Class or 04 S-Class; and 4) Cell phone options for plug-in and Bluetooth for MHI equipped cars (05 and later).

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