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20-Dec-2019 09:15

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Unfortunately, many spouses feel the opposite and feel their spouse is more of a threat than a comfort.

This session will teach you how to reverse this and start building safety and closeness back into your marriage. Part of a healthy marriage is a mutually satisfying sex life.

However, most people haven't come close to receiving a similar level of training for their marriage, which is part of the reason why marriage can be so difficult. Our couples retreats in Texas provides an incredible marriage retreat to change that for you!

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This session will show you what your cycles are, where they come from, and how to change them. When we are in love it automatically shields our marriage from all sorts of problems and temptations.

This session will show you specific steps to fall back in love and stay in love with your spouse. Ideally, we turn to our spouse as our main supporter and comforter.

Unfortunately, many marriages fall into the trap of the man pursuing sex, the woman withdrawing because she doesn't feel emotionally connected, then the man withdrawing because of the lack of sex.

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