Consolidating files windows

13-Aug-2020 01:44

A tidy desktop not only makes things easier to find, thus reducing inefficiency, but is more pleasing to look at and doesn’t cause as much cognitive stress.But as you probably know, the Windows desktop can be a tough beast to tame.To access the settings, right-click the Taskbar and select Settings.Windows File Explorer is one of the most underrated features of Windows 10. Open up File Explorer (using keyboard shortcut Windows E) and look in the left sidebar to see a section called Quick Access.We present our top 7 of most glaring Windows 10 annoyances., this is one area where it excels. The redesigned Start Menu is perfect as a dumping ground for app shortcuts.

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The actual act of cleaning a desktop is easy — all you have to do is select all icons and press Delete. To understand how to prevent desktop clutter, we need to understand why our desktops tend to collect clutter in the first place. Unfortunately, it’s way too easy to create a shortcut, plop it onto the desktop, and call it a day — do that a few times and boom, clutter.

If you can cut that out, then you won’t need shortcuts anymore, and suddenly your desktop won’t ever be cluttered again.