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People purchased flowers as offerings right outside of the entrance and would pray to Buddha after placing the flower down in front of this immaculate shrine-like statue.

Like any other holy site, you need to make sure you’re dressed modestly, with your shoulders and knees covered.

There are sarongs they can rent out at the entrance, but it’s good to know ahead of time and be respectful. What I also noticed and loved about the Sri Lankan hospitality industry, is that you can expect to met and greeted with a warm towel, scented of lavender or jasmine, and a cooling glass of tea or juice blend any time you checked in somewhere.

Every step of your stay, you’re looked after and it was such a warm feeling to have.

And from the photos I saw, it had the beauty of Bali with culture just as rich as India. And before we get into the details of my incredible itinerary with Sri Lanka In Style, you must first watch this short video I edited that captures the essence of what makes this country so special.

When I learned Sri Lanka In Style offers tailor-made itineraries for anything from adventure travel to beach escapes, to cultural tours, I had to reach out.

Beyond its physical beauty, Sri Lanka is such a fascinating country to explore, because though small in size, its large in diversity.

It was previously known as Ceylon by the British, Serendip by the Arabs, and Taprobane by the Romans, with a slightly complicated past, gaining its final independence from Britain in 1948.

Kids hung their head out of the train windows letting their child-like happiness show through their grins and laughs.

And I was right there with them — a kid in a “Kandy” store, simply amazed that I get to explore this beautiful planet we live on and see some of the most unbelievable sights known to man.

Though the ride lasted a couple hours, I never wanted it to end.

There are actually four major ethnic groups in Sri Lanka: Sinhalese, Moors/Muslims, Tamils, and Burghers, and you can notice drastic differences between all four.

Their 90% literacy rate and warm smiles are just some of the most charming things about Sri Lankans, and when you talk to them, you can feel the genuine warmth they have for welcoming you to their humble abode and showing you a piece of their [literal] world.At the mercy of my perpetual jet lag, I kept my eyes peeled for those infamous leopards. The large city of Dambulla is situated in the Matale District and Central Province of Sri Lanka, and is also the center of vegetable distribution in the country.