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There was a small smile on his face, nothing at all like his normal, large grins. Trust in those who serve you and they will never let you down." His blue eyes stared into her own green blue orbs intently.

" will never let you down.""I believe in you," Rias whispered, causing Naruto's large, almost cheesy looking grin to appear on his face."As you should," he nodded, his chest puffing. There's no way I'd lose to some peacock who likes to shoot flames out of his ass." He then proceeded to smash the fist of his left hand into the open palm of his right, a resounding smack echoing throughout the room.

Feeling bold, she walked up to him and pressed her body against his. Satan knows did it often enough, hugging him, that is.

Her arms came up and wrapped around his torso, pulling her body even closer, so close she could feel her bosom pushing against his pectorals. Hearing his voice caused Rias to press herself deeper against him.

Thrown into a new world, Naruto Uzumaki does what he does best: cause as much chaos as possible while climbing to the top. There is a link to it on my profile page, or you can type A Fox's Love in the Amazons search engine. Just type in "a fox's love" and it'll be the first link on the page.

Hokage may be out of his reach, but that doesn't mean he can't set a new goal for his life. Any help you can guys give me would be much appreciated.

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Gentle beams of silver moonlight caressed the earth below, bathing the small cityscape of apartment buildings and convenience stores in an iridescent light. ""Yes," the feminine, lovely voice of Rias came from behind him.

To that end, she had spent more time with Naruto than anyone else in an effort to unravel the person behind those bright blue eyes.