Dating a bipolar schizophrenic

05-Feb-2020 11:56

Children rely extensively on adults for interpretation.

Their developing comprehension is largely fashioned after that of their parents or caregivers.

Emotionally troubled parents frequently reinforce skewed interpretations with abuse.

If the abuse is extreme, as practiced by destructive families, a child's conscious world becomes overwhelmed.

It is held unassimilated---in effect, frozen in time.

A dissociated experience can be split up to store the emotions separate from bodily sensations, and the sensations separate from the knowledge of an event.

If the accident survivor didn't assimilate the dissociated part of her experience, she would probably suffer the PTSD symptoms.

Children are commonly seen to dissociate---not because of trauma, but because every time they get a new type of experience, they have to modify or expand their faculties in order to assimilate it.

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The only option left is to freeze, and take flight through the mind.In dissociating an experience, children split off a part of their self to hold the trauma.