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getting past what "other" people think and say was really hard for me at first.Some things DH has experienced I cannot relate to at all.) I would not have pursued a relationship that my family was against.We share the same careers (we're both PAs), which I think is great. I'm not saying that there aren't difficulties with a relationship like ours...And sometimes DH is so bossy and stubborn that I could just scream.Whether that's part of his culture or part of his personality, whatever.You have all the normal strains of marriage PLUS differing cultural norms to deal with. Africa and although he was raised in a very liberal Islamic country, we still have frequent battles- and it's been 8 years! I married an East African man our shared beliefs have been essential in keeping our marriage together.But I wouldn't want any other man- EVER, that's for sure! Cross-cultural marriage has it's own unique difficulties. And even so, we have had different cultural interpretations of our shared faith, which has made for some difficulties.

Are you willing to conform to some of the cultural or religious values either out of respect for him or for your own safety. If they did not accept you (for whatever reason) could you live with that? A shared culture can smooth a lot of edges where beliefs differ; shared beliefs can smooth a lot of edges where cultures differ. I just mean that if you're looking at the potential for strong differences of beliefs and strong differences of upbringing and strong differences in ideas about lifestyle ideals you're looking at a lot of things that need to be evaluated through a neutral, realistic lens that is hard to achieve when feeling a little infatuated. but just be aware of the tremendous room there is for disagreement and misunderstanding, and don't jump into a romance before you both are clear on what you each think and expect. -He prays to Allah but doesn't go to any religious place. Or maybe I should say that our culture is heavily affected by our religion?His family are all Muslim too but he only has contact with a couple of siblings as the rest of his family are still in Afghanistan. Since our religion was the same, cultural differences were more minor. I've never posted on this particular board before, but I saw your question and had to reply...He hasn't lived in Afghanistan for a few years, so he is somewhat used to western culture, that's what made me think maybe it could work? I don't know how to differentiate between cultural/religious differences, because in Afghanistan they're so closely tied together. My DH is from Iran and is Muslim, I'm from the Midwest and Catholic. Our upbringings were actually pretty similar in the important ways...Often times foreign victims fall for the scam, and really do think a U. " Unfortunately, these days when anyone can be whoever they want on the internet, it is important to do your part to verify as much as you can about a person so you can avoid giving out your personal information and pictures to someone you don't know. The person could use your personal information and images to impersonate and even blackmail you.

Marrying a man from another culture makes marriage twice as interesting but twice as difficult.neither of us has the attitude that the other is wrong, religion-wise.