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Treasure in the form of ancient Roman gold and silver coins has been found at a mining site in Huelva, southern Spain.

The discovery is of “incalculable value and a milestone in the archaeology of this mining area,” according to the archaeologists from Atalaya Mining, the company operating the mining area where the coins were found.

Another bit of advice is to become familiar with the common title or inscription components and study the coins you have to develop your 'eye' .

The image at left is of a bronze coin of emperor Maxentius.

Now look at the image on the right to see how this title actually breaks down into its components.

The first 3 characters are 'IMP' which is easy enough to find and stands for Imperator.

So now we have the title and the actual name of the emperor. With a little practice you will become comfortable with attributing your own coins.

Putting it all together (with the proper spacing), we have;'IMP.

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Depending on the condition of the coin, you may have a complete or partial inscription to read.The fourth character 'C' is very often found with 'IMP' and can be seen is the abbreviation for Caesar.The 5th through 13th characters are not listed in the list, so we will put it aside for now and come back to them later.Connect with Coin World: Sign up for our free e Newsletter Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter The discovery took place on July 3 while company archaeologists were working on excavating a Roman-era structure inside the mining facilities, according to a statement released by the company to Coin World in September.

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Luis Iglesias, director of archaeology at Atalaya Mining, and Juan Aurelio Pérez Macías, professor at the University of Huelva, led the archaeological efforts at the site.

I have enhanced and sharpened the title slightly to enable you to more easily view the lettering. At first glance, all of the title parts seem to run together.

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