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18-Jul-2020 18:21

Julie's eldest child, a girl then aged 13, refused to live with her mother, saying she wanted to remain with her father. 'My husband didn't see why he should move out of the family home. Life became very lonely.' Julie has now met someone else. 'I've felt rather emotionally tender for a while now. I can see now that my husband and I were under a tremendous amount of external pressure. 'We'd known each other since we were very young and anyone new I meet cannot replace that.I now think that, if I'd been a bit more clear-headed, I would have realised that fundamentally my husband and I still got on well.' Does she regret leaving? I think we could have eased ourselves into old age quite happily together.Most people look for someone else to provide happiness for them, yet at the first sign of danger or boredom they cut and run.' Marcus believes her ideas are hardly fashionable now. 'I couldn't see at the time that, just because I felt unhappy, it didn't mean that everyone else was. I think I was too quick maybe to call time on our marriage.' Sian Blore points out that most children actually want their parents to remain together, even if the marriage is unhappy. Our lives are woven together, we have made this fabric that is our children. I thought that if I didn't marry Steve no one else would ask, and I cannot face the fallout from a divorce.'I suppose I may sound conservative, but we live in a very childlike society. 'Ask any child of parents who are separating what it is they want, and they will say, "Mummy and Daddy to be together again." Children are generally unaware of the level of tension in a household. 'I have no money of my own and I keep telling myself Jim is still that good man I married and hopefully we will be able to rekindle our relationship when the children are older. I married for the long term, not to just cut and run when not everything goes to plan.' Dr Robert Epstein, the former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today, who is working on a new book titled Making Love: How People Learn to Love, believes that people need to grasp this concept of longevity when it comes to loving relationships. Nothing seems worse to me than that.' There are many women, of course, for whom divorce has been a positive experience.

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On the plus side, though, I am a different person; I am able to connect with others on an entirely different level.'I imagined myself, a year down the line, happy, independent and coping with the children.

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