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02-Jul-2020 20:58

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the young actress is so adorable , GOD she is so cute and smart .

Highly recommended drama , once you start watching it you won't be able to stop.

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Weeks later and I am still watching episodes over again. A solidly written, beautifully directed, and professionally acted drama. It lures you in with its warmth and the characters feel real, like they're someone you might have known, a family member, a friend, or a neighbor. To have Someone you can trust and hold hands with). Uee and Lee Soe-Jin..was amazing to see such transformation... And the OST espcially the song To You Again by Jung Dong Ha is amazing. Though I have prepared my bucket for next week's tears. Mr writer don't kill the viewers,too hhhhhh for really my heart can't bear more . If they paired him with Uee is because they knew things will work out and it will help her in her career. another week of wait is another forever for me, oh my goodness! i never left a coment here before, its the first time bcause i love this drama so much. Uee daebak and lee seo jin made me falling in love. And don't forget the lead couple's chemistry is 10/10 hahahaa♡♡ I appreciate this passionate powerful emotional drama.. Her daughter is awesomely matured to support her mom.. I wanna see his chemistry w a very young actress (uee) and also a little because of uee great scene in ho goo love.bring me here's my fav actor and actress(will be) Hehe..child role gave a big impact here though..anyways.. The struggle of keeping everything on yourself making your pain just your own.. I find this drama & the story-line interesting and meaningful. Because YOU would KNOW better than the Casting Director, the Director, or the Writers. So he willingly slept with her and got her pregnant so she could "entrap him" ?! It just sucks his real wife treats the mistress like garbage alone. I'm not a fan of both lead stars but I'm starting to appreciate UEE after watching her here. And i think he is quite handsom not just quite but really handsome wkwkw. Won't even notice the age diff, the little girl, she can really act. I can't stop looking at those dimples, he's really hot eventhough he make me annoyed in Running Man lol!This is one weird drama in the sense that everything in this drama is Korean stereotype: sickness, poor-rich cinderellaism, jealous sibling, live triangle and so on. You have to watch it to see it, since I do not like to give out spoilers.Even the main leads are not the best eye candies, at least to me. Much better than the popular Descendants of the Sun. Very recommended, even for people like me who usually not into this type of drama. Every recipe in this drama is Korean mediocre stereotypes: sickness, rich-poor cinderellaism, love triangle and so on.She learns that she has a brain tumor and she needs money for her daughter after she passes away.

Hye-Soo overhears from Ji-Hoon that he is looking for a liver donor for his mother.

Both actor and actress just too natural in the characters. They should be nominated as one of the best drama, casting crews in the year end awards ceremony. GMA Network already acquired the rights for this drama. Which helped see how the characters grew so naturally. UEE's acting was brilliant, she is an outstanding actress, can't call her an Idol anymore, she 200% actress! I think that Kim So Jin should be in the drama poster instead of Kim Yoo Ri, she had much more scenes. I am sure that all the people who wrote negative comment, and said that UEE can't act and commented about the age gap thing are eating their words now. So i guess I'm looking forwaes to her project after marriage contract? Oh i cry n cry sooo much with both happiness and sadness of this drama. Please please have happy ending xx Last part of ep. I can feel the happiness of being together with your loved ones and fel the meaning of family. Their chemistry has made this drama more worth-watching. i keep watching because i find the lead actor very attractive.. i love their chemistry now, the guy is definitely a pro, and i can see how uee's acting are improving.. it's a typical story but the actors have made the drama entertaining enough to make it worth watching. Also in her case from what I gather with the subs I was watching is that she DID NOT know he was married. So I think he is mostly at fault and should get all the scorn. Once you watch this drama, you will forget about this issue and believe that they're Han Ji Hoon and Kang Hye Soo. Wasn't expecting much when I first started watching becoz of the age diff.