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In 1949, the nearby infectious diseases hospital became an annexe to the Institution, and by 1956 the two sites could house a total of 182 patients.

In 1957, the combined establishment became known as Grenoside Hospital.

There is no central heating or central hot water scheme, the hot water for baths being in most cases from gas geysers." The buildings at this date were all lit by gas which, in many cases, was said to be "inadequate".

The casual ward had been closed and was occupied by the union's Relieving Officer. S1 E25 Episode 25 - I Star on Channel 5 Reality TV Documentary On Benefits in Single and Skint broadcasted on Channel 5 1st September and 6th September 2016 at 8pm as I try online dating.There are 5 or 6 beds in each room, and 2 or 3 sleep in a bed, which are filled with chaff, and have each 2 sheets, 1 blanket and 1 rug. Very little work is done, as the Poor are mostly old people and children.Bill of fare : Breakfast—every day, milk pottage and bread.The population falling within the Union at the 1831 census had been 23,713 with parishes ranging in size from Oxspring (population 283) to Ecclesfield (7,911).

In 1839, Wortley was one of the Unions which the Poor Law Commissioners reported as which "for the present decline to concur in providing an adequate Workhouse".From 1930, the site became Grenoside County Welfare Institution and provided accommodation for what were then termed "mental defectives" .

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