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13-Jun-2020 22:42

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Likewise, this often happens in our relationship with God.

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One marital counseling book my wife and I read early on in marriage encouraged couples to not turn on the TV for the first year of marriage.What makes the difference between being Christ’s servant and his friend? He has taught us his secrets, things that the world will not and cannot understand (1 Cor ).It was the fact that Christ shared everything with his friends. Through his Word and the Holy Spirit, he has taught us truths about salvation, mankind, creation, angels and demons, and the future.As the church, we are Christ’s friends, and every day we have the privilege to grow in intimacy with him through studying his Word and speaking with him in prayer.

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Similarly, this practice of communing through sharing one’s life, thoughts, fears, and concerns will cultivate a married couple’s friendship and therefore intimacy.She would commonly tell their kids after eight pm, “I am no longer Mom but my husband’s wife.” That’s how they managed a busy home and yet kept intimacy.