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Those in the pool of 2,500 don’t pay a fee and are given no guarantees, but are available as suitable candidates for the paying clients.

Each customer meets a matchmaker in person, and fills out a detailed form about their personality and hobbies.

On top of this all of our clients have been personally interviewed, ID checked and vetted, so you are part of the cleanest and most carefully assembled data bases of professionals in the whole of Scotland.

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A partner’s unpredictable work schedule isn’t a problem for you – as long as you can enjoy the fruits of your success together.Working with a Personal matchmaker can be so much more rewarding.Firstly you are never on your own and there is always someone there to talk things through with, seek advice from or to act as a sounding board.Brealey, who has a degree in psychology and worked for children’s charities before starting the company, says there’s no specific qualification needed to become a matchmaker.

“We had quite a few people who wrote about their own dating history and said ‘I think I’d be a good matchmaker because I’ve been divorced three times and so I’ve experienced the heartache’,” she says.

“Whilst I think it’s valid that they can relate to our clients…