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22-Jun-2020 21:34

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Why would contact between the Olmecs and Africa or the Maya and Egyptians-or people who had been to Egypt and seen the pyramids and stone carvings-be impossible? "Because of the facial features, a lot of people have suggested that the Olmecs came from another continent to populate the Gulf Coast, but all the archaeological research in the nuclear area indicates that they are Mesoamerica natives so the features must be explained otherwise." "But isn't it possible that they haven't yet found proof in the nuclear area, or the proof lies elsewhere? In Egypt, a son could offer a stone to his parents, or to mark the birth of a new baby." "For the Maya, they represented rulers or the history of rulers.And also wars and special event-like the birth of a royal baby," Yolanda said. “Road of the Dead”) in Teotihuacán, there lies the Pyramid of the Moon, the second most emblematic structure of the “city of the gods.” Archeologists believe that this building was part of a temple complex associated with the city’s government officials.04.- Calakmul The next ancient structure on the list is the great pyramid of Calakmul, which stands 55 meters tall.Stories circulate about coca leaves found in Egyptian tombs, aliens bringing knowledge to both Egypt and the Maya, and even a common connection to Atlantis, but they seem to be just stories; there is no scientific evidence.I decided to approach the question another way, and just returned from a trip to Mexican ruins accompanied by a Mexican Mayanologist and archeologist named Yolanda Ruanova and Manal Saad, an Egyptian-born Egyptologist and historian.

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Although there are many things we don’t yet know about the society that built this complex, we know that the Pyramid of the Sun has long been one of the world’s most remarkable structures.Toniná was built approximately 1,700 years ago and is the only pre-Colombian pyramid with 7 platforms designed to house palaces, temples, homes and government offices. This ambitious structure remains a testament to the magnificence and inventiveness of the ancient Maya civilization.Whenever I go south to Mexico, I marvel at the monumental stone structures, which reach toward heaven, that were left behind by the Maya.Palenque, which emerges dramatically from the jungle, is one of the most celebrated sites from the ancient Maya world. "It's like the collar the pharaohs wore, " she observed.

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We climbed up to the elaborate and extensive royal palace.This entire place was once the dominant city of the ancient Mayan civilization.

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