Dating pathe records

01-Jan-2020 10:44

If you cannot tackle this yourself, many specialist hi-fi shops can do it for you.

Other turntable types include the STD, which has a useful (though not always very accurate) digital read-out, but which can be a nightmare to repair, since spares are hard to find.

This is because so many 78s were not recorded at exactly 78rpm: speeds of between 72 and 85 rpm are quite common, with a few higher or lower.

Probably the cheapest option is a second-hand variable-speed Goldring-Lenco unit, one of the 'GL' series. They always benefit from some basic maintenance, which will include a new idler wheel.

Cartridge/Styli: With a suitable turntable, the next item to consider is the cartidge/stylus.

Ordinary hi-fi types are not really ideal for the harsh condition of 78 playback.

Quite a few early G & Ts and some Fonotipias do best with much smaller styli such as .0018" or .0021".

2 and EMT 950 are regularly available from firms dealing in ex-broadcast and studio equipment.