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In less than a day's worth of play, we've witnessed the game's 'boyfriend' discuss everything from using sexual acts to hurt the player, to references of sexual activity with unconscious children.

'Pure filth'In In fact, a quick scan of the game's user reviews on the App Store suggests there are tamer questions that also deliver abusive or sexual responses.

You may have thrush if: Thrush is caused by a microscopic fungus (yeast) called candida albicans that we all carry on and in our bodies. I'm 32 weeks pregnant and had a bloody discharge which looked like the plug.

It’s a normal part of our digestive system, and “good” bacteria generally keep it in check. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Clinical guideline, 37. Been bleeding throughout this pregnancy and I'm told to go up to the hospital every time. Was given a tablet to insert into my vagina but since then I've been still getting bloody plug like discharge, pains my lower abdomen and bad pressure!!

[Accessed April 2017] the mummies and their tummies has coconut oil and has bean grate for me during this pregnancy.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Clinical Knowledge Summaries.

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Go back to your doctor if your symptoms haven’t cleared up in a week to two weeks.

It may be a nuisance, and take a while to clear up.