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Isthmia was another little town east of Corinth, just north of Cenchrea, that hosted the Isthmian Games every two or three years. In this letter we discover the causes of this church's failure.

These conditions were: the condoning rather than disciplining of immorality, Christians suing one another in the pagan courts, and disorders in their church meetings. It seems that a conflict had developed between the Corinthian church and its founder, Paul. The gospel as a contradiction to human wisdom 2:5 3. This extended to such fundamental doctrines as the Resurrection (ch. "Talk shows" would have been very popular in Corinth.

Paul referred to this letter as his "former letter" (1 Cor. He also received a letter from the church in Corinth requesting his guidance in certain matters (7:1). There was even a veneration of human wisdom among the Christians.

These matters were: marriage, divorce, food offered to idols, the exercise of spiritual gifts in the church, and the collection for the poor saints in Jerusalem. They had chosen their own Christian leaders, whom they viewed as celebrities (ch. Intellectual restlessness prevailed in the church, as well as in the city.

Other major deities honored in Corinth included Melicertes, the patron of seafarers, and Poseidon, the sea god. The church in any place has a debt to the people who live there to proclaim the gospel to them (Rom. Paul wrote this whole letter out of an underlying sense of the church's responsibility for "the city" where it existed.

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"All of this evidence together suggests that Paul's Corinth was at once the New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas of the ancient world." There were several other local sites of importance to the student of 1 Corinthians. The priority of love over knowledge in Christian conduct ch. The church in Corinth was struggling to discharge its debt.

There, too, he met Priscilla and Aquila, Jews who had recently left Rome. The phrase "Corinthian words" was a synonym for elaborate language in Paul's day. The Corinthians discussed and debated all sorts of opinions.

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