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After some wild group sex - Romee had spent almost an hour sandwiched between me and Stella Maxwell - she'd been arrested for her role in an international drug smuggling ring. That news had been drowned out by the drugs scandal, and meant that VS were currently four Angels short. All four girls had great butts which they were keen to show off.Now she was serving five years in prison in the Bahamas, and I gave her weekly conjugal visits. Alessandra and Lais also had plenty going on for them up top, but I had been told to focus on their butts, and I knew those pictures would ultimately sell better.She didn't need a pool because the beach was only fifteen minutes away. Bending over to shove clothes into the side-loader, she reminded herself she was not wearing anything under the t-shirt and had better not do that. He was so handsome, a black Hispanic, and she was at once wet just looking at him. Ladies went topless at the beach all the time in Miami, so no harm seeing a little ass here. She turned around with an attitude, and then looked at Alberto too. At seeing this, Alberto slowly made his way over to her with hands in pockets, and his erection noticeable. But Alberto already got behind her, and then began rubbing his penis between her legs. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she rested her chest on top of the washer. Deeper, and she began to feel the ache of being stretched. Inch by inch he made his way inside her, being oh so gentle. But it also hurt, because Alberto was fucking huge! " He grunted and thrust, then thrust again, digging into her deeply enough that it felt like it was in her stomach. " "I can attest to that," Shawn said, watching without embarrassment. Alberto filled her with cum again, and again it streamed down her legs, or plopped to the floor loudly. So she bent her legs instead, but wasn't sure if this helped. "It's not fair that you all saw my pussy, when I haven't seen your dicks," she commented, trying to get them into leaving her alone. "Seriously, which one of you would really have the cajones to bend me over and fuck me in this shack? " she said, hands on hips, glaring at the honky motherfucker with all the gutter talk she could muster. She gasped, for this had not been her intention at all. He went in all the way, as much as she could take, and it felt so good and hurt so bad. With each thrust she had an orgasm and moaned, gritting her teeth to keep from screaming in ecstasy. She could feel the squirt of hot cum inside her, slamming against her cervix, and she came again. Then the door opened and sunlight glared into the shack. Nameless was standing in the way, delaying the intruder. She was excited to be watched while she was fucked. He was finally done it seemed, and put his now soft dick back for good. I think 14 days in solitary confinement will be a suitable punishment." "What! Please, sir..." "And it won't count towards your time served." The guard grabbed Romee's arm and brutally dragged her away.At this point, Alé pulled me towards her and whispered in my ear. There were whoops and cheers from the crowd, including Izabel and Lais, as I finally got balls-deep inside Alé. Alé had two anal orgasms of her own, which I just powered straight through, before I felt my second coming on. I kept thrusting into her until the last second, before quickly pulling out and covering her butt with my cum. I finished the shoot with the other three models, and led Candice to my hotel room.

But she had not even been able to enjoy that, as she was working and schooling her ass off. I was certain that at least one guard would be watching us, cock in hand. We spooned for a few minutes and made conversation. To try and hold them off, Alé and the girls promised that they'd pose for photographs and sign autographs once the shoot was over. Alé was the sexiest woman in Brazil, and arguably the whole world. I tore off her bikini, freeing her ripe D-cup breasts and exposing her hairless pussy. At times like this I wished for extra cocks, but this would do nicely for now. Once I was satisfied, I started fucking her, hammering away at her most precious hole. They'd been living their wildest dream to see Alé having sex. I almost entirely removed my cock with each thrust, before smashing forward against and crashing into her sweet ass.

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