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And here's where I step out into the realm of things I actively try to avoid: creating a user interface.I am using j Query here, which makes the task far easier, but I'm still admittedly not great in this department.If a client hasn't checked in for more than 5 seconds (i.e. This gives us near real time resolution of users being available to chat.Users will appear in a box on the left hand side of the screen, clicking on a name will pull up a chat window for them, and names with an envelope next to them have new messages.Before we go down that path, it's worth calling out that I used two Java Script files that were present in the Spring guide for using their messaging API with websockets: and

In the case of this example, it can use web sockets or not; it doesn't matter since the spec works either way.

The code below is likely horribly inefficient and could probably be rewritten by a UI developer in about 10 lines.

That said, it does work, and that's good enough for me for now.

They're both available for download (and originally found) at Github.

Warning and full disclosure: I'm a lousy Java Script developer.In this case, our front end will simply subscribe to , and on the back end Spring will create a dynamic URL to map those messages to that matches the session of the user.

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