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19-Sep-2019 14:47

I consider myself to be amongst the most fortunate of people on this planet. Quite a few of them do something about it when the right opportunity arises.For the benefit of those who are easily confused: Stamina and Constitution have nothing to do with the possession of balls.Google “Angela Mudge” (She is a world champion mountain marathon runner.) Also: 10″ is nothing unusual This is My Story: Date: February 1965 When I was 19, I moved in with Granny, she wasn’t my Granny, but she quite liked being called Granny.

I have led a very comfortable lifestyle filled with sex, lust, and love.

My real mother had been a single mother who had put me up for adoption.

My adoptive mother had a bad time giving birth to her daughter and was unable to have any more children.

She had always wanted two children so she and ‘dad’ opted for adoption and were successful.

Before her marriage she had been a nurse and that helped her to get jobs as a nanny for the children of wealthy families, but that meant living, and if required, travelling, with the families which meant that I had to find a room somewhere else, not an easy thing to do if you wanted somewhere clean to rent. Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female/Female, First Time, Mature, Oral Sex They have shown me that there are a large number of women who, through no fault of their own, are stuck in a loveless or at least a sexless life and that they are expected to endure it because of their ages or ‘position’ in life.

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