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A lot of that has to do with the nature of our country.

America is about the American dream, about rugged individualism, and if you aren't able to make the most of your situation, you're not living the American dream so you're a failure.

Manisha Thakor, above, co-authored "Get Financially Naked: How To Talk Money With Your Honey." In the book, she and co-author Sharon Kedar advocate opening a conversation about money -- even if it's difficult. Credit First off, snaps on the title of your book. (chuckles) We had to get people's attention, because it wasn't a topic that they innately want to discuss.

Financial choices have become trickier and talking about them have become taboo, neither of which is conducive to good relationships, or to long term wealth. Manisha Thakor and Sharon Kedar, two certified financial analysts, hope to break the ice and save a few million relationships in the process with "Get Financially Naked: How To Talk Money With Your Honey," their step-by-painful-step guide to talking about the least romantic topic ever. Couples would rather discuss erectile dysfunction than talk about this, honestly. Talking about money really is more intimate than talking about sex.

Credit So we shouldn't be surprised that the subject doesn't come up when dating.

Manisha Thakor: Society doesn't encourage us to consider financial responsibility as one of the elements that we evaluate or incorporate in a relationship. Credit It does seem like kind of a buzz kill.

If you think you've found the one, this typically is a make-or-break element for long-term relationships, so you might as well start talking about it right out of the gate.That's opposed to other societies where other elements of your identity come into play, like your family's history, your roots.For women, you can get a group of women together and they will happily tell you how much weight they gained through pregnancy and were unable to shed, or what goes on physically in their bedrooms, but they will not tell you how much their household spending exceeds their household income or what kind of revolving balances and interest rates they have on their credit cards.The authors contend that starting a dialog early about money and finance can make relationships stronger and better able to weather the storms of misfortune. It is amazing to me the lengths to which couples will go to avoid discussing what I like to call the pink elephant in the bedroom. Manisha Thakor: The reason I typically give is, we're not educated about personal finance but we're expected to understand it.

Credit hooked up with Manisha Thakor for a chat about love -- and the M word.

Credit That's where a certified financial planner can help, right?

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