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15-Feb-2020 04:56

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The shape of their cranium is still found among certain types in France to day and, believe me, certain fashions in dress also.

Since the end of the Stone Age a number of diverse races have lived side by side in France.

Periodically great waves of humanity, coming from the Asiatic steppes, broke against her mountains, covered with forests, or on her western shores where the earth ends and there is nothing but the Atlantic beyond the reefs.

They were the people of the steppes, nomads, who rode small, sturdy horses and galloped across the continent.

But as far as costumes go this duality of origin is more apparent in France than in Central of Eastern Europe.

There are two reasons for this which I will try to indicate.

For a considerable time the aristocrat classes, and especially sovereign persons who kept courts, obviously having their own fashions, had constantly influenced the dress of the population by reason of their prestige and the desire of the humble to imitate their betters.

Can we explain this action simply by the splendor of Versailles and the Roi Soleil?

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All these people knew how to spin and weave; they wore clothes.

At the very end of this immense cape we find the last outpost, a kind of peninsula, which is France.

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