Go dutch dating

26-Aug-2020 03:55

Relying on the Dutch penchant for modesty and honesty, your compliments should be the same.

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In Dutch it is only related to the feeling you have when you are in love. And a typical result is “liefdesverdriet” (lovesickness). Well, you could wait for “Valentijnsdag” (Valentines Day). That’s a moment when many Dutch write Valentijnskaarten (Valentine’s Day Cards) anonymously. Oh yes, and for those who still think, you can trust the Dutch: there is also this one: Secondlove. Now let’s say that during the date, you find out the other person is really nice. We call that “versieren” (which literally means decorating). Perhaps later, but I will need to study the youtube guidelines first. Subscribe to our youtube channel for weekly videos to learn Dutch.