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[Read: Does your wife want to sleep with another man? In an orgy or a threesome, all parties engage in sex at the same time.

] 7 things to know about cuckolding and hotwifing #1 How does cuckolding happen? In cuckolding, the man is an outside observer and does not participate in the action.

This fetish requires two people; the sadist brings in the hurt, and the masochist gleefully receives and begs for the pain. Putting cuckolding into comparison, the dynamics of pleasure are somewhat similar.

First, you have a guy who’s watching his wife having sex with another man in front of him.

The rest of the cuckolds admit that they got curious and tried it once at a party—and liked it too much to stop. Other couples set their own rules for their comfort and enjoyment.

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In most cases, the man just sits back on a couch, sipping whiskey as he watches his wife try the whole Kama Sutra with another man.

In this theme, the husband/boyfriend plays a sad bloke who watches his wife having sex with a well-endowed man.

And for some reason, this scenario, apparently, is extremely popular in the cuckolding community.

Something that is unthinkable to an average person has been creeping into the mainstream—you won’t be surprised to see internet forums and hotwifing *hotwifing is another moniker for cuckolding* clubs with members reaching millions, looking for a place to share their experiences and find other men to have a taste of their spouse.

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[Read: 7 extremely weird, but really popular sexual fetishes] Cuckolding as a fetish Let us quickly explain the dynamics of a sexual fetish: you have something that is not really sexual in itself.

Cuckolds and hot wives have their own gatherings, which share the same format as your regular swinger’s party or orgy.

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