How do you stop twitter from automatically updating facebook

26-Sep-2019 16:31

Although both options prevent future tweets from posting to Facebook, neither removes updates already posted on your profile or page. Scroll down to the Facebook section of the settings.Clear the check boxes next to one or both of the "My Facebook Profile" or "My Facebook Page" options to temporarily stop Twitter from posting to Facebook.Thankfully, my Facebook friends and Twitter followers are mutually exclusive.Here's what you need to get started (check out this quick guide with screenshots): Once you link your accounts, your Twitter account will be updated every time you post a public update to Facebook.It's all part of the company's new Subscriptions feature: not only is the social networking giant letting you subscribe to Facebook users who you aren't friends with, and not only is it letting you offer your own public updates to Facebook users who aren't your friends, but it is also letting you send your public Facebook status updates to a linked Twitter account.Palo Alto has offered this particular feature for Facebook Pages for quite some time now.It's great for businesses, bands, public figures, and whoever else manages a Facebook Page and an accompanying Twitter account.It cuts down their workload significantly since they only have to publish updates on their Facebook Page, and the Twitter account automatically sends out the same messages.

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As expected, Facebook now lets you send your status updates to Twitter.

A few third-party apps have done this in the past, but Facebook has been meticulous at blocking them.

The company has always wanted to keep content shared on Facebook strictly on the social network.

If you'd rather disconnect your accounts completely, click the "Disconnect" link above your Facebook account name and click "OK" when prompted.

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