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Handler admits in the series to having done a lot of drugs but never thinking she had a problem — to which, in the “Drugs” episode, The Mindy Project’s Fortune Feimster, a frequent panelist on Chelsea Lately, responds, “Isn’t the person with the problem always the last to know?” It’s a format that anchors each documentary: Handler sits down with friends and colleagues for frank, topical conversations, Dinner for Five–style, which then launch into more personal explorations, some of which touch on sex, her childhood, and her many, many opinions — like that marriage is stupid, or that she believes being equal-opportunity in her humor by hating on everyone insulates her from accusations of racism.Yet here are the supplies, and scattered around are photos: a black-and-white one of Handler at dinner with BFFs Sandra Bullock and Mary Mc Cormack, another of a younger Chelsea holding a cigarette and standing leapfrog-style over a friend. This impression Handler gives of going off-script, or of never having one to begin with, is what draws fans to her. The overlap in that Venn diagram seems to be exactly where Handler wants her comedy to be. I was fucked-up stoned one night in my room, and I was like” — fake-slurring — “‘I’m going get all these pictures together.’ I still don’t know what the fuck to do. The 40-year-old comedian has a lot of them, some dating back to high school and others more recent: Sarah Silverman, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow. She doesn’t run an organization to inspire young girls (like Amy Poehler). From 2007 until 2014, she brought a shambolic but candid approach to late night, curling up on a chair opposite her guest and casually maneuvering her way to the gossip that mattered, sometimes surprising them with her forthrightness.

When she was 21, two years after moving to Los Angeles, Handler was arrested for drunk driving.

By the end of its run, Chelsea Lately was capping out at about half a million viewers per night, which is a fraction of what the Jimmys do.

She often gets treated as a parenthetical — once literally, in a 2014 New York Times article about The Tonight Show hand-off (“Bullish on Boyish”) that briefly referred to Handler as the only female late-night host.

These days, though, making people laugh is not necessarily enough, and even the term p.c. Lately, there’s room — arguably, a lot of room — for earnestness in comedy, especially among the critical darlings.

Aziz Ansari grapples with taking his immigrant parents for granted in his Netflix series Master of None. occasionally makes being a middle-aged white guy feel profound.

“No, I’ve been working on that scrapbook for almost a year and a half. She specializes in sexual braggadocio and is unafraid of being mean, which brings her public persona closer to that of Howard Stern than Gloria Steinem. “You look at somebody’s body of work rather than listening to them talk about it.” As for hers: Handler has filled five best-selling books with confessions that most people would prefer to censor, whether it’s her extreme fascination with little people or her unapologetic love of alcohol.

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