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Netbattle is the other main client used to battle Pokemon online.

It is a stand-alone program which connects to servers online, which allow you to battle other players from around the world.

This guide was prompted by my (and the general #gfaqs crowd) personal wrangles with the only other moveset guide currently available, strawhat's Moveset/Team Building Guide.

Although I respect strawhat as a FAQ writer and many of the movesets in his FAQ are plausible, I feel that as an actual RSBotter I am more capable of providing up-to-date standards as they are used.

Unless I mark it as a joke moveset, in which case I hope I made it clear that you shouldn't really use this :( And if you have trouble finding something in this FAQ, scroll up one section and use the handy dandy indexes in the Table of Contents.

If you want to find a specific moveset quickly, search for the poke's name proceeded by two spaces: Ctrl-F the term "Pidgeot " and you should go straight to the right section.

10-21-04 v1.50 - I suppose it's time for the big obligatory update about Emerald.

Often cited as weaker when compared to the bots, but after the bots were down, many botters migrated to Netbattle. ============================================================================== Table of Contents ==========================================================================S3.0 Revision Info (S1.0) Online Battling (S2.0) - RSBot (S2.1) - Netbattle (S2.2) Table of Contents (S3.0) Introduction (S4.0) Notes (S5.0) Team Building Basics (S6.0) - Hidden Power (S6.1) - HP 70 Listings (S6.2) - EV Spreads (S6.3) - Speed EVs (S6.4) - Natures (S6.5) - Items (S6.6) Jargon (S7.0) - Attacks (S7.1) - Team Building (S7.2) - Items (S7.3) - Pokemon Archetypes (S7.4) - Team Archetypes (S7.5) - Movesets (S7.6) - In Battle (S7.7) - Battle Clauses (S7.8) - Pokemon Nicknames (S7.9) Pokemon Classifications (S8.0) - 00ber List (S8.1) - Legendary List (S8.2) - UU List (S8.3) Movesets (S9.0) To Do List (S10.0) Credits (S11.0) Contact Info (S12.0) Copyright (S13.0) End (S14.0) If you would like to find something, please do a Ctrl-F search for the text WITHIN the parenthesis.

If you are unable to download m IRC or otherwise can't get it to work, you may try Trillian.

Trillian is a cross-platform communication program (which is my stupid way of saying that it connects to AIM/MSN/IRC simultaneously).

Instead, it is a moveset guide, to be used for link battling or competitive battling online.

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Do not expect any more out of it, unless I really get my ass into shape, and I probably won't. 1-2-05 v1.61 - Happy New Year, and here's to the next generation, whatever that turns out to be. If you want to skip to the "major" changes (there aren't too many) that come in Emerald, Ctrl-F "****Emerald".

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