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“We’ve missed the entire purpose of the Endangered Species Act.

It has been hijacked.” Bishop’s disdain was clear in the hearings, Democrats say.

It followed the Lacey Act of 1900 that was passed to conserve wildlife after passenger pigeons that once filled America’s skies went extinct and bison nearly disappeared.

Other conservation acts that preceded it were the Migratory Bird Treaty of 1929 and Endangered Species Preservation Act of 1966.


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Today, more than 2,000 species are listed as endangered or threatened, including Loggerhead sea turtles in parts of the Atlantic Ocean, whooping cranes in the West and the Texas golden gladecress.

It’s going to be the fight of my conservation career.” Unlike earlier GOP attempts to weaken the act, Bishop is poised to realize his ambition because of Republicans’ control of both chambers of Congress and the White House.

A Senate committee that previously held hearings on modernizing the act is preparing companion legislation, and a president who favors oil-and-gas development on federal land is more likely to sign it into law.

On witness panels, they charge, farmers, dam operators, state wildlife managers and others opposed to the act got their say about its supposed shortcomings, without comparable opportunities for scientific and federal government experts to check those claims. “The bias and the setup begins at the hearing,” said Grijalva, the Natural Resources Committee’s ranking Democrat.


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The Interior Department even barred Fish and Wildlife staff members from meeting with the minority caucus’s staff members as they attempted to gather information for hearing preparations, according to lawmakers such as Rep. “We get one witness, they get three or four, and the drumbeat begins with the onerous things that are wrong with the act: It’s too cumbersome, it allows too many radical lawsuits, the states can do a better job, let them make the scientific and biological opinion of when wildlife should be listed.” The law was essentially 73 years in the making.Many Republicans on the panel say the proposals are necessary changes that would modernize the 1973 law.