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It was to San Francisco that she escaped when she took what we both diplomatically refer to throughout the interview – Ryder drawing inverted commas in the air – as her “hiatus”.Her parents had lived there for years (they subsequently moved to Canada after George W Bush was re-elected) and she wanted “to take a break, be home for a while and explore some other interests that I would have explored if I hadn’t become an actress”.It always works.” She doesn’t just want me to take her word for it; she wants me to try it.Which I do because this is Los Angeles and nobody would bat an eyelid if you were to assume the lotus pose in the middle of a bar and start chanting, “Om shanti, shanti.” But also, simply, because Ryder wants me do it.“But I’m actually really enjoying getting older because I went through a period of time where I was technically old enough for roles but always associated with younger ones. Now that I’m in my forties it’s getting a little bit easier.” It amuses rather than offends her that “people will point to these” – she smiles, indicating “the elevens”, or lines between her brows – “and say, ‘You might want to do something about those.’ I don’t want to knock anyone who does all that because it only bothers me when I see actresses I know, love and respect who have been talked into having something done."But what’s weird to me is that I’d rather just look my age.In full make-up from Stella’s photo-shoot, Ryder somehow manages to look more like a teenager who’s ransacked her mother’s cosmetics drawer than a 42-year-old actress with two Oscar nominations under her belt.“It was hard to find that transition to adult roles,” she concedes.

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“I’ve seen only a couple I’ve had to see, just to check for the cut, to make sure that the cut was cool. In a surprising admission, Depp said he has played music since he was a young teenager and later embarked on an acting career "by accident".

“I climbed 180ft up to where she was but I only lasted six days up there – she lasted nearly two years.” But really, it was being in San Francisco that helped.

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