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Colin Ferguson, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Joe Morton, Jordan Hinson, Ed Quinn, Erica Cerra, Neil Grayston, Debrah Farentino, Matt Frewer, Tamlyn Tomita, Chris Gauthier, Meshach Peters, Garwin Sanford, Paul Christie, Stephen Powell, Raugi Yu, Reese Alexander, Michael Kopsa Return to the same small town with even bigger secrets as each quirky and unpredictable episode of Eureka: Season Two lands on DVD!

This three-disc set with over 8 hours of fun behind-the-scenes extras will take you back to the seemingly perfect town of Eureka, where the hidden work of America's brightest scientists can lead to innovative discoveries and unnatural chaos!

(2006 -) is a science fiction TV series, airing on the Sci Fi Channel, about a remote town in the Pacific Northwest where the best minds in the U. are tucked away where they build futuristic inventions for the government's benefit. Uh, gold is a soft metal, so it doesn't bear the same weight as steel, so our infrastructure could be collapsing. Love is timeless, transcending everything we know, everything we understand, and giving us strength and comfort forever.

In the UK it is known as Hey, uh, Allison, it's Jack. What is past is now present, and what is present will become your future.

In podcast commentaries with the show's creators and star Colin Ferguson, they confirm that the production order is in fact the order in which they intended the show to air, but the network executives changed the order to try to place stronger episodes earlier in the run to help attract viewers.

The creators were able to make minor changes in editing and sometimes dubbed dialogue in later episodes (for instance, they removed the explicit mention of Zoe's first day at school) to try to eliminate audience confusion.

Nearly everyone in Eureka works for Global Dynamics, a huge advanced research facility responsible for the development of all major technological breakthroughs in the last 50 years.

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The town's existence and location are closely guarded secrets. When a faulty experiment cripples the sheriff of Eureka, Carter finds himself quickly chosen to fill the vacancy.

Despite not being a genius like most members of the town, Jack Carter's ability to connect to others, his simple but effective ideas, his above average intelligence in practicality, and his steadfast dedication to his work repeatedly saves Eureka, and sometimes the entire world, from one would-be disaster after another. There are some small inconsistencies when watched closely, but such inconsistencies are minimal and were intentionally controlled.

And Composed predominantly by Bear Mc Creary, the album consists of 28 tracks from the show's second season.

It also includes two variations of the Mark Mothersbaugh and John Enroth composed main theme, as well as two songs -- "Let's Get Hitched" and "Eurek Aerobics", written by Brendan Mc Creary and Captain Ahab, respectively.There is also a story arc concerning a mysterious artifact that has had an appearance in both the first and second seasons.

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