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ll give you the attention and personal service you?

ll come to expect and enjoy- BBB A Rating Demolition Contractor, Excavating Contractor, Gravel, Excavation Service, Driveway Construction sgfinchcontracting-com This number is an everyday call, more then once usually- They are even leaving messages that are automated- Press one for English and so on- You try to call it back and it wont go through- Very annoying This guy is a REAL JERK He thinks he's God's gift, I met him at Mulligan's and he immediately started to try and pick me up- Me and my Husband were going to go for a boat ride- but never again will we go to that "dive" where these so-called "charter captains" hang out "gauking" at all the women who walk by- Do your self a favor, and consult a more PROFESSIONAL ESTABLISHMENT if you want to book a trip- ~ Jenny Keller Foreign language accented man claiming he was from Window's Security Alerts- Said my computer was infected with virus- Wanted me to turn it on and he would help me "fix" it- I asked his name, what # he was calling from, and where he was located ( he said Brooklyn, NY)- Knew it was a scam and hung up These people called me stating that I have been approved for the Government Grant that I don't have to pay back and that they are calling from the United Stated Federal Government Department of Finance and that I have been one of the people that have been selected by way of email- And they have my information and everything- I don't like this at all and they also asked for - to send to them through Western Union Calling about my "online inquiry for education information" that I did not place- I received three calls before I decided to call back- When I called back, it did not ring, but was answered immediately and had my name-Have a feeling someone sold my info to them EJ Landscape Management Toms River, NJ N Main St, Toms River, NJ We help you create beautiful surroundings and are committed to nurturing and maintaining those outdoor spaces for the life of the lawn-Landscape Designs, Lawn Care, Sodding, Landscaping, Landscaper Harrassing calls from Miller Plante Corp for septic cleaner- They call times a day to get money from us, we didn't order it, they sent it we've tried to return and they refuse to accept it- We sent it and now they claim they never got it- Then continue to call harrassing us for payment with rude, foul mouthed, harrassting, threatening calls Hung up as soon as I realized it was a recorded message- I've been getting a lot of these calls on my cell lately and I'm convinced they got my number after I registered it on the National Do Not Call List- They're using it as a list of known good numbers- Also, the one time I got a real person and they didn't just hang up on me, his response to my lecture about telemarketing to cell phones was "blah blah blah"- No legitimate business is going to do that- These must be people trying to scam personal information and or credit card numbers- When you work that into the equation, using the Do Not Call list as a call list makes sense- Whats one more broken law?

Flood Doctors Waukesha, WI, () - Water or flood damage services are available in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brookfield and surrounding counties- Call Now- Water Damage Restoration, Carpet Restoration, Carpet Cleaning Service, Water Damage, Flood Damage Restoration flooddoctorscompany-com Recorded message about saving money on energy bills for "all New York State residents"-Gives no identifying information about who they are or where they are located or what exactly they will do- The message asks people to "press " and leave their name and phone number to receive a call back with full details"- This is clearly a phishing scam trying to ensnare people to give personal information for purposes of fraud-DO NOT PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION to anyone that you do not personally know This number keeps calling work and my personal cell- A few friends have also received calls from this number- We are located in Toronto, ON CANADA and this number is from Texas, USA- Do not know who it is, but there is no one on the other line Calling me, saying nothing- I'm going to report them to the Do Not Call-gov- I don't know if doing this will doing any good, but, it would be nice if they would get fined and shut down for being a nuisance and ignorant THIEFE THIEFE THIEFE, After A session with me, he stole from me while I went in the bathroom- Tall white guy, body builder yrs- If u see him,don't leave area unaccompanied even to wash hands like I did They call everyday since Dec th- twice sometimes three times a day all day at varying hours and never leave a VM I answered one time stayed silent and whoever it is never said a word and finally hung up- I blocked my number and called back- rings and rings- no answer- I'm registered on the do not call list- next step, I'm changing my number Picked up phone and answered - nothing on the other end- We get several calles a day but no answer- Not always from this number- Just happened to be out of sorts and tired of the calls and decided to try a look up- Guess I hit paydirt Same here, I just received a text from same number, They addressed me by my name; scary, makes me wonder if they obtained our info by hacking some company's database (a company we all transact with), and by each of us responding to our name, they now have confirmation of our data,again, scary- This having been said, I must confess, I do have an active imagination Consider getting a call blocking device or phone- You can google them and many are around - or so- If its a cell phone, some already have call blocking, if not, there are free apps on the web that will work for some- You can google this- If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called call control- Iphones appear to have apps also- Another one is called Mr- Number- For tracfone & straight talk:play-google-com store apps details?

id , -tracfone&hlenextras-straighttalk-com enwww-youmail-com home carriers straight-talk block-numberwww-straighttalkwirelessforum-com viewtopic-php? on most phones, to alert your network operator to the abuse- ATT won't accept But they will accept BLOCK and return a message that the web site is blocked- forward the texts to or BLOCK, depending on your phone carrier-By State DNC lists:www-donotcallprotection-com do_not_call_chart-shtml FCC Abandoned Calls Complaint form:www-fcc-gov cgb consumerfacts D-R-pdfemail: email To file complaints on Foreign company's:e Consumer-gov: Report Your Complaint E-mail: email you are a stain- i hope you get fired when your phone calls are monitored by the attorney and management- the debt collection industry would be better off without debt collectors like you,jerk soon-to-be-firedhint hint I received a call from this man identifying himself as Sterling Smith of the Better Business Bureau, left his phone number as , Already aware of a possibility of a spam, I called back and the man answered the phone as "Sterling Smith", then he hang up when I said I am returning the call, then in a few minutes he called back but did not leave a message, I made a google search and this page full of complaints came up- Also, there are so many "legitimate people' by the name Sterling Smith- I suppose, this was a convenient name used by this phone spammer guy,posing as if he is from BBB- Watch out for this Same crap every week- Called them back and asked them to remove my company from the call list and they said that it would be done- Told him that I would be coming down to kick some Texas if they keep calling my number Got a call from this number- I didn't answer but got a message from "The Legal Department" stating that if I didn't call back right away I would be arrested for fraud- SCAM Gotten calls like this before- They try to scare you No "press _" to be removed from list, if you press for a person and tell them you want to be removed from their list they hang up- If you call back it is a full voice mail box - very annoying-It a reduce your interest rates from credit card company If anyone calls from this phone number it is a scam- The first time they called from , a Jamaica number, said they were the FBI and my mother's phone number had "shown up on a check that was a scam" and they were investigating- I told them they were the ones scamming and hung up on them- They proceeded to call back from this local number and I told them not to call again- They were rude- I hung up again- They called back again from the Jamaica number and couldn't even tell me what FBI stood for but then said they had my mom's name, address and phone number and he was going to drive over- I hung up and called and filed a report Harmon's Heating Cooling Baxter, TN, () - We provide heating and air repair, new unit installations in Baxter, TN- We have year experience and the quality is guaranteed Heating Contractor, Heating, Air Conditioning Contractor, Cooling Contractor, Air Conditioning Repair Service harmonshvac-com Our household was rudely awakened at : A-M- by this number- Calling back, I found out it is a company marketing OSHA compliance training and training materials- I'm on the Do Not Call Registry, so much for that- WTF?? No company name in caller ID says it all I would never do business with these clowns no company name in caller ID seems very sketchy to me, God Bless you and your family People be a vehicle of change not just a passenger in life People say a prayer for our fallen and wounded Warriors I just received the same text from a deaf person wanting to buy my truck and send me a cashiers check, I text him back asking of this was a scam and they did not respond- - These comments helped, THANKSMy Caller ID shows "Warranty Depot"- Yet another car warranty service I suppose- I've been getting a lot of those calls this week from other numbers- If the calls are blocked I do not answer them- I look them up here and then I ignore them- It is a nuisance though I am receiving as i am investigating text msgs in ref to a re bull auto wrap scam Where some will text or email with phony fake contrscts and ads on red bull shop -com this is a scsm the perdon behind this telephone number is a gladys cosme of decatur alabama Psycho obsessed with me showed up at Albany Med- out of nowhere when i had a seizure&was hospitalized for nearly a week,admits to hacking&spamming people,sits on the computer all day&night thinking he's a "pimp-" (more like puke) He hacks spams people if he doesn't like what they have to saygdaygdayi got the same drill that you have all described, except it was am here in australia and i was still in bed- they called back at am as requested and the girl that originally contacted me put me on to someone else, shane hill he said his name was-anyway, if they provide the service that we bought, i will be happy and feel like i got my money's worth-my only hesitation is that they were supposed to call back this morning at am and didn't- at :am we called shane (who had given his direct number x) and he got someone to call us back within minutes- it was someone from the "marketing team" , a lady, who said anthony from the day before who had set up the appointment after we had paid by paypal had made a booboo-i was a little concerned that they had not called- there was one other glitch in the story- the marketing team lady had said she hadn't called to reschedule because anthony was not in today, but then later in her story she said she had gone to anthony and told him off for making the appointment-they are supposed to be calling tomorrow morning at am again to go through the marketing teams part , then supposedly onto the tech department for their part-IF they DO what they sold me on, then i will be more than happy to pay what i did USD (which is nearly AUD) for keywords for months-i will come back here later and report how things are going-the thing that concerns me here is the employees that have posted- i'm sure they want to get your money, don't we all , but so long as it is to make a sale and then deliver what was promised, i don't have a problem- that's not a scam, that's just business-we'll see , and i'll return and report-ciao for nowdebif anyone wants to contact me call my US number I Get calls from this number as well I answered the first call and it was something about government grants and I told them I was interested that this might be a scam and for a month now they call my phone to times a day I am to the phone on reporting this to the police Calling non-stop- I have asked for them to STOP calling every time, several times a day for weeks now- They are harassing with their questions- I have told them I am not the person they are asking for but they keep calling- They must be brain dead stupid morons Gave his first name only- Looking for "the owner"- Immediately hung up when I said he was unavailable- I called the number back and it goes to a private voice mail box with no identifying info other than an extension number- So sick of these scammers interrupting my work R u for realz dey called me to dey say I was selcted an I got , waiting for in wesrern umion and I needed to for sec-dop- And tjey going to send a them no life dey to scam rich people not pepole dat work hard azz hell Standard Jamaican scam - I won , plus a car and only need to send % by western union- The people who will deliver the "package" this afternoon are already in the area and need to see the digit receipt- Once you wire the money and tell him the digit number, poof - no prize and you lost your money- Some will try to call back and get more money out of youharassament from a debt collector saying they are coming to my job and are going to garnish wages- But when I left a message for an address would not call me back with one just keep leaving me harassing messages"Adam" with "Hawaii Premier Services" called asking me about my home residence and offered to have people come to my house Caller (Adam) gave my home street name- UNSOLICITED- Asked how he got my information and he told me I would never find him- Please stop this harassment- Thank you I recieved this text at :am and several others like it from my provider- I have tried entering these contests through my provider BELL and not able to enter or recieve my prize Unfortunately when I signed up for my phone account I gave them permission to text me with any promos I did not expect them to send spam all the time So if you recieve this junk take it up with your provider they prob sold your phone number This was a number for Rozell Cunningham, he applied for job at my place of business then disappeared and the number became a "non-working number"- I would use extreme caution dealing with this character Someone called me from showing this number - CST on a Sunday-As I don't answer calls I don't recognize the number from, I didn't answer- The caller (a machine rather than a person) left a voicemail, which was "If you would like to continue to hear this message in English accent, press " (with a machine voice, not a human)-The reverse search shows the number belonging to Blue Man Group in NY, apparently some casting company; Blue Man Productions Broadway, th Fl-New York, NY Category: Casting Directors Phone: () Once again, an attempt by a collcetion agency, Sunrise Credit Services, to attempt to trick you into thinking the call is local in hope that you will answer the phone, they are not even from Connecticut Thank god for caller ID- They are relentless First had a process server call from a private number and tell me they have been trying to serve me with paper work for days and would not give me any other info about it- They gave me a phone number , and a reference number and said I had a court date on Monday- I called and found out it was a debt I have with Walmart which I told them I need to see in writing they said they are sending me to the judge wouldn't tell me a court case or a county so I reported it to the sheriff and the FTC- Sheriff said it sounds like a scam The phone number is listed on www-kingswayadvisory-net contact but I doubt this is the person making the calls-Phone : , Email : email According to Wikipedia (en-wikipedia-org wiki _%telephone_number%) this is a fictional telephone number and is not supposed to be allowed, so I think that website and the spammer making these calls both happened to invent the same phone number Grillz-N-Wheelz Auto Spa Seneca Trail North, Lewisburg, WV, () - Grills and Wheels Auto Spa, we pay attention to Details Auto Detailing, Car Detailing, Car Detailing Service, Auto Detailing Service, Detailing Service grillznwheelzautospa-com Got the same message, called the number and the guy stated just cash the check- I said I can not find your website nor the bank this check was issued- He became angry and said the site was under repair and the bank is a smaller bank- Good scam The check looks legit, I bet they have some sort of reverse bank account capture mechanism in place -BE AWAREreceived some random calls from this number over the past couple of weeks- "Kansas Call" was the only I-D- and I don't answer calls I do not recognize and let the answering machine pick them up- No message was ever left- Yesterday after pm and up,to the time I unplugged my phone at pm I received numerous calls from this number as close as min- apart- I paid (on the internet) to try to find the source and all that was available was that it is a cell phone located in a building located near an intersection of two streets in Wichita Kansas- I used my cell phone to call this number a female voice answered (not a recorded one)- I hung up and she then called my cell phone number which I did not answer- I have received no other calls on my land line or the cell phones since then- I suspect this person is connected with a debt collection agency (I do not and have never had uncollected debt) that tried to connect with me earlier this year- Several years ago I had a similar experience with such a company and after finally got the Attorney General of my State to intercede for methis number keep on calling me- ui have absolutely no idea who it is and they dont leave a voice mail- the one time i answered they asked for someone and then the call was dropped- so, who is this????????

In most instances, victims of extortion-related calls have also received telephone solicitations for additional pharmaceutical purchases from other possibly related, illegal entities located overseas- The extortionists use customer lists complete with extensive personal information provided through previous purchase transactions- These include names, addresses, telephone numbers, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, purchase histories and credit card account numbers- Typically, these criminals use telephone numbers that change constantly and make it appear as though their calls originate in the United States- No known victim has been approached in person by a law enforcement impersonator associated with this scheme- The FDA? Anyone receiving a purported official document on agency letterhead may verify its authenticity by contacting that organization directly via a publicly available phone number- Additionally, all federal agencies use email addresses with a ? email extension- The FDA also reminds consumers that pharmaceutical products offered online and by telephone by sources of unknown origin can pose a substantial health risk- Products recovered during this investigation that were purchased from online or telephone sources have been found to contain trace amounts of heroin, other undisclosed and potentially harmful active pharmaceutical ingredients, or no active ingredient at all- Purchases should only be made from licensed pharmacies located in the United States- In addition to the increased risk of purchasing unsafe and ineffective drugs from Web sites operating outside the law, personal data may be compromised-I hope no one falls for this- These guys are criminals trying to extort hard earned cash from hard working americans- If they have contacted you please turn them in to the proper authorities I almost got scammed so glad i researched them, they do have my sin- I was dealing with a female named tammy , Red flag went off when they asked for ``insurance purposes``I said i am coming to you because I need money it seemed to not make sense- I too am desperate when companies wont lend you and they say they will lend , another red flag- Unbelievable they should be ashamed bet there families are proud of them losers I think someone is using this number,scam, I call back,and answer machine,then when I hung up,i got a call,so I answer,someone said, Hi,try to talk to me-I starting to get scared,cause now they now my number-Who is this people?

s Office of Criminal Investigations, with the U-S- Drug Enforcement Administration, and the U-S- Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations, with the support of various U-S- Attorneys, are pursuing multiple national and international criminal investigations- Arrests have been made and additional prosecutions are pending; however, the scheme is likely to continue- The FDA has issued similar warnings in the past:§ FDA Warns Public of Extortion Scam by FDA Impersonators ( )§ FDA Warns Public of Continued Extortion Scam by FDA Impersonators ( ) Victims of this scheme who have suffered monetary loss through the payment of funds in response to an extortion call from a person purporting to be an FDA or other law enforcement official regarding illegal pharmaceutical transactions may obtain a victim questionnaire by contacting the FDA? An indian man named Tom called me saying he was calling from Smart Shoppers and asked if I would try out some trial subscriptions with the promise of a Walmart gift card regardless if I accepted the trial services or not- He quoted me several small amounts of money, and thought 'What the hell-' and agreed to see what he had to offer- After recording my voice twice and getting my credit card information, he played a recording for me that was so fast you could barely get all of the totals and cancellation numbers and in the end, I had about worth of charges on my bank account, and had several pieces of mail sent to me to which were all "discount" programs that I could remain subscribed to if I wanted to use them- I ended up cancelling them all, called the main company and cancelled with them, and have yet to receive my Walmart gift card- Total crap Beware I received the same call this morning from this company- He told me that he needed to fax documents to my attorney or my place of work- He read me back my social- I asked him what was this in regards to- He told me that I was rude and needed to answer his questions accordingly because I had no idea who I was talking to- I told him to do whatever he thought was necessary because I was going to forward all of my information over to the GA Bureau of Investigation- He hung up on me-When I called back my number is being rejected- I spoke with an attorney and He told me that he will look into the company to find out if its a scam- He said to get on the do not call list, contact your state's attorney general, contact the consumer protection agency for your state, and the Federal Trade Commission- He said even if they are a legitimate company, they are violating amendments concerning your rights on how they are delivering the information- BTW-now when I call the number is not a working number These people call my cell phone about times a day no lie- Its always an important non solicitation call and for me to quickly call them back and refer to some case id number , Contacted my family Lawyer about the calls and he said I could charge them with telephone harrassment- Aparently any collection agency is allowed to call you once a week and leave a message, the only time they can call more than once a week is if you have made arrangements for payment and defaulted on the agreement- I have never called or spoken to these people Report to the Internet Crime Complaint Center www-ic-gov complaint default-aspx , the Federal Communications Commission esupport-fcc-gov complaints-htm , the Federal Trade Commission www-ftccomplaintassistant-gov and your state AG- Buy a whistle or air horn and use it, God will forgive I researched this number, ,' to find out that this character has been targeting private text messages- He asks me to contact him on skype- I don't own skype services- I find it strange that this should be happening, especially on my private number- When calling the number, the message indicates that the peson does not have an answering service- I did blok this number on my phone Level communication I think its a bill collector but they wont leave message and I tryed to call them back and tell them I just got my number and it did not ring- Also getting calls from () - which doing resurch is the same company guess I have to change my number You're welcome; glad I could help- Also, not to be overly paranoid, but if your wife is looking at Disney vacations and giving away info to rd parties, it's veeeerry possible you received this scammy call for a reason- Just food for thought- (Just remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is ;))I got a text on my cell that this person saw my pics on Face Book, & thought I was "totes hot", & asked me to skype with them on Pookiebootie, but the phone number was , Everything is private, so I'm not sure how this happened This comment that some deranged individual stated couldn't be further from the truth, I request that it is removed ASAP,this website should be held accountable for what they let people post ,it is character assassination Same thing, several missed calls from New Jersey- I don't know anyone in New Jersey- Finally today (,) I answered and there was someone giggling then they hung up- Anyone know who it is, because its getting annoying Just another "Buffalo Bully", they multiply like rabbits in New York, doesn't surprise me that they are connected to Del Rey Capital- Hopefully the New York State Attorney General will shut them down- Seems to me debt collectors who want to collect across state lines should have a federal license- With background infor that anyone can look up-www-nwintermediaryservices-com home-html Nationwide Intermediary Services Main Street#Tonawanda, NY ,__________________________NYS Department of State Division of Corporations Entity Information The information contained in this database is current through April , -Selected Entity Name: NATIONWIDE INTERMEDIARY SERVICES, LLCSelected Entity Status Information Current Entity Name: NATIONWIDE INTERMEDIARY SERVICES, LLCDOS ID #: Initial DOS Filing Date: JANUARY , County: ERIEJurisdiction: NEW YORKEntity Type: DOMESTIC LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANYCurrent Entity Status: ACTIVESelected Entity Address Information DOS Process (Address to which DOS will mail process if accepted on behalf of the entity)KAITLYN CAMPBELL MAIN STREETSUITE TONAWANDA, NEW YORK, Registered Agent KAITLYN CAMPBELL MAIN STREETSUITE TONAWANDA, NEW YORK, This number called me in the middle of a family function-told me I was going to be arrested and handcuffed if I did not cooperate- When I called back the number they actually answer the phone almost the same way the REAL DEA answers- He told me he was Federal Agent Andrew Wesler and gave me the name of the prosecuting attny-, judge, docket number, etc- Made it sound very authentic- This is just such a pathetic scam- This dick wad put me through hell and it wasn't until I actually went to the police dept- that I realized it was a scam-I really hope they catch these idiots and put them away for a long time Do not respond- It is a total scam I I got the same thing, Imposters of Jim Britt, offering , customers because Jim has too many people making inquiries- They called me because I had purchased one of his books in the past- But it is not real- Talked to Mitch and then Damon at so-called "Business Development", claims to be a corporate office of Jim Britt's- It is fraud- I will be contacting Jim Britt to warn him These people are scam artists, they tell you you won large amounts of money through mega millions or publishers clearing house- The catch is they want you to pay which they say is taxes - They ask you you to western union them the cash or to put it on a green dot card and then will mail you your check- They continue to call and harass you- My young daughter answered the phone at one point and they proceeded to ask her all kinds of personal questions and wanted to know if she was home alone- Please beware and don't give them any money A FRIENDLY REMINDERBe sure you've added your telephone number(s) to the DO NOT CALL registry list on donotcall-gov You can also file a complaint against a harrassing number- I sent my complaint yesterday,there is strength in numbers,file a complaint with me Let's help eachother ALERT: This is yet another telephone number scam offering to give seniors a "free medical alert" system plus valuable food coupons- The robocall (breaking the law under the Do Not Call Registry) states that my doctor has recommended the alert system (validated untrue) for me, and that it is ready to be shipped to my home address after confirmation- This robocall scam does not mention that there are on-going charges that have been reported over , year as compared to charges for a like medical alert device from local state vendors- Caveat emptor,buyer beware I shall again report this new telephone number to the FTC as a violation of the DNC registry- The Caller ID shows ALERTThey keep calling saying that they are the company who puts our business website on google and unless we pay them nobody will be able to see our website- Sure buddy, Google is soooo broke they need you to keep calling our small business about - Go yourself- They keep saying they're trying to send us our invoice,something wrong with the postal service?

Thanks everyone - oh Chase didn't catch this transaction - they caught a Walmart Target online charge for large amounts - I just saw this one on my bill??lemme know, thankscalled me on my job, stated that if i took out a loan with your company, send me verifiable documents by certified mail to prove it- Until then you will not get my personal information also if i did this then they should already have it I'm sorry, I didn't mean to call you the other night- It just happend to be one of those nights- I'm a long ways from home and about to get further, and I just couldn't stop thinking about you- Goodnight,and I hope you didn't forget about me Ireceived the same calls from this number,every ten or minutes- I finally talked to the person on the other end- It was indeed a teeth whitening company- I told them I wasn't interested and to please stop calling this number- We'll see what happenswoman called my home leaving a message saying that she "wanted my husband back"- Said she missed him and their intimate acts- Number was called back and the same woman answered and said she was a year old woman from Saginaw- She said that she lent her year old stepdaughter her cell phone- Was the same voice [email protected]_DINERO, SALUD, TRABAJO, AMOR- FOR TWO YEARS OR MORE-I WANT A GIRL WHO WILL LOVE ME FOREVER- PEACE AND LOVE ON EARTHDO YOU WANT TOO GO OUT WITH ME?

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