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14-May-2020 07:19

I’ve had plenty of opportunities before this but this chapter was really getting on my nerves and I was only five pages in now — I came across this: One hard truth we all have to face is that we all have implicit biases. 177) On the surface, one could almost feel a touch of hope for Clinton actually having a clue.I have them, you have them, and police officers have them: deeply ingrained thoughts that can lead us to think “Gun! Not only does she admit everyone has implicit biases, but she admits SHE has them.“It’s okay to be white” has unfortunately become a necessary thing to point out in some cases on some of the more politically zealous and intolerant campuses.Some of the same people who are calling “emergency meetings” to deal with harmless little signs have probably, at some point, tacitly if not openly discriminated against white students in their own classrooms or administrative offices.Some harmless prank signs stating a basic fact are quite obviously not of the same genus as is real racism.Campus administrators and activists would do well to realize that, and stop making themselves look like fools who miss the entire point of the joke. My life, and when they came for me there was no one else to speak up,” the performer concluded.It has been fascinating to watch the mania surrounding the “It’s Okay to Be White” meme that has popped up on several campuses across the country.

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It doesn’t matter who the cop is, what his or her racial background might be or their training or the circumstances in which they find themselves. She is subtle, unless you really take time to consider her words, in this chapter.On the other hand, the signs are expressing a perfectly true and appropriate statement: it okay to be white, just as much as it’s okay to be black, or brown, or any other skin color.It is a sad fact of modern campus life that white people are frequently treated as second-class citizens by liberal professors with axes to grind.(Pg 177) Hmm, cops and their families and those who support them have to “understand” this “systemic racism”. Hell, the way she described the job, she could be talking about a coal miner, a fire fighter, a pilot or construction worker or many other professions that have nothing to do with law enforcement.

Implied in that is that we have to give them breaks others won’t get in the same situation. It is another subtle way of showing how little respect and concern she has for the cops who put on the uniform each day and risk their lives to protect us.I knew when I saw the title of the next chapter in Hillary Clinton’s book, What Happened, that I’d be chewing nails, real nails made of metal, before I finished.

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