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16-Oct-2019 15:12

Six months earlier, Lance had been widely regarded as one of the greatest champions the world had ever known.But then he’d been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and his Olympic medal and dropped by his corporate sponsors.At that point in his career, Lance was exceptionally good at short, fast races but couldn’t compete in the longer ones; he didn’t have the endurance and couldn’t climb the mountains.Few people in Austin knew his name back then, but he became a more ubiquitous presence after he won the U. Cycling Triple Crown, in 1993, racing for Motorola.The Oprah interview, the ultimate revelation in Lance’s drawn-out, painfully awkward downfall, had been the most talked-about mea culpa since Bill Clinton admitted to having sex with Monica Lewinsky. In print and on the Internet, across the country and around the globe, reviews of Lance’s cold, careful performance had been universally scathing: he was a narcissist, a sociopath, a douche bag.He had selectively told the truth; he hadn’t seemed contrite.

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He would do anything to win—ride down other cyclists and force them into the ditch, throw f-bombs, and even punches, with abandon. He spent most of his time training and racing in Europe.

As we talked, he seemed unfazed by the reaction to his confession. “There are days I think, ‘I shouldn’t have done the interview.’ But then I see my kids, see the way they’re acting, the way they’re interacting.

Et ce alors que les sondages répètent pourtant, les uns après les autres, qu'en l'état actuel des choses, quel que que soit le candidat, la gauche sera éliminée dès le premier tour.… continue reading »

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As the legal tide has turned, metropolitan areas have become more accepting of people who identify as LGBT.… continue reading »

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Equally Yoked has simply taken this concept and applied it to an even more gullible segment of the population than those who think video dating is a good way to meet people--those who think that an organization catering to Christians (and which suggests, but never actually says that it's run by Christians) couldn't possibly rip them off.… continue reading »

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You might find that you snap at each other less, you are more affectionate and you want sex more often as a result. But if you are a vocal person during sex and you want feedback, start with appreciation. For great sex, don't tell your partner, "I hate it when you go to the left, " tell them, instead, "I love it when you go to the right." And if you are a screamer, go for it. Most of us will try to move, not because it hurts, but because it feels too darn good.… continue reading »

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