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The Veterans Administration, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Federal Home Loan Bank Board and the National Credit Union Administration are also involved in the enforcement of the Truth In Lending Act. The Truth In Lending Act is designed to reduce confusion among consumers resulting from the different methods of computing interest.

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The Truth in Lending Act is important for Banks and Lenders involved in consumer credit transactions or consumer leasing. Regulation M Includes all the rules for consumer leasing transactions.

Home Mortgages One of the biggest lending transactions any individual is likely to enter is borrowing to purchase a home.

These transactions have become more complicated in recent years.

Now, loans of various duration and interest rate variations are available to every home buyer.

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The Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Home Loan Bank Board have published a book entitled "Consumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgages " to help consumers understand the purpose and uses of adjustable rate mortgage loans. This report has solely been written for the purpose of providing information only. Recoupment is the common law doctrine that resurrects countervailing claims, which otherwise could not have been raised.