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You have people on the crew whose jobs are working with you, and you know that those jobs are good ones; but I wouldn’t tour endlessly and kill myself with a drug habit just because I wanted to make the people that worked for me happy. [Synthesizer player] Gavin Russom has a totally other career as an artist.As far as the people actually in the band, [keyboardist] Nancy [Whang] would laugh and say, “You just one day said we weren’t doing it anymore so I thought, .” But everybody did things. [Multi-instrumentalist] Matt Thornley became a coffee roaster.One day we’ll just stop making music, but no one is going to say a fucking word about it ahead of time.Going back to the subject of nostalgia, though —2017 is to 2000 as 1977 is to 1960. I don’t doubt it but how does someone ever know that they’re not just idealizing their past?Breaking up the band caused me to recognize that I’m a musician first and foremost. You still want to have little bit of a knife-edge, and I think that comes out more as a live unit than on record. You could be the most ripping crazy drummer and everyone is going to hear it as programming.I did other things but they weren’t like doing music. I don’t want to be in any other band and I don’t know that I’ve ever felt that in my life. And as a band, we have this nice thing where we’re not trying to be for everybody, but there are a lot of people who want to see us and who support us. What are the implications as a musician when you think everything’s been done?Thus, perfect endings be damned, the band’s forthcoming reunion album, . ” “Well, I got a job with Schwab.” So where would the 20-year-old version of you move now? The internet means it doesn’t matter if you fucking live in New York. Also, locality doesn’t seem to matter as much anymore.“I shed any ambivalence about coming back a while ago,” says Murphy, squinting against the sun pouring in through the window of a Williamsburg hotel room. A scene is not a scene of people who know each other and borrow each other’s van. You can be from the suburbs somewhere and be like, “I make dubstep.” Okay, great.

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The vast majority of kids in my school went on to college. And I remember feeling like, The idea that college was next, that it was a given, meant it was of no interest to me. Win Butler really pushes Arcade Fire to address the big topics, which is admirable and also extremely difficult to pull off. There are a couple of times where I feel like a topic was handled completely correctly, and then I don’t want to go back to it. But, okay, coffee is something I’ve been singularly obsessed with since I was 21. I was deeply nerdy about coffee back when it wasn’t a thing anybody else gave a shit about. My friend, Justin, who was in a band called Pitchblende, got me interested in it a while ago, as a thing to learn about. You’ll talk to certain people who’ll say they’re a foodie and everything with them just reduces to “that food I bought sure tasted good.” The depth of the interest can feel so hollow.The life I wanted was what I imagined the life of a respected scientist was like. The life I live in this band is the best possible life of all the options for being a musician. I only missed it when I would go see another band, but that’s a competitive thing. That’s when you started to get people in Vermont or wherever identifying as a “D. band” because they wanted to make music that sounded like it was on I always wonder about the relationship dynamics after a band breaks up.

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