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Research the hidden history of polio, the disease that never was. This book by Liam Scheff – LN 4 This book on Janine Roberts – C1s8 This portion has been added from Kate William…………. Click here to see over 100 medical doctors and Ph D scientists explaining with statistics and research that 1) vaccines aren’t safe 2) vaccines aren’t effective 3) vaccines don’t improve immunity or resistance to disease and 4) vaccines injure, permanently cripple or kill each and every person they’re injected into. My ears practically perked up when I read that one Dr.Jason was also invited to speak on health topics on The CBS Morning Show and also appeared briefly on the Dr.Phil Show featuring fitness trainers from across North America.Guillian Barre and paralysis, as listed vaccine side effects, are also a way to get the public running east looking for a sunset, keeping them as far away as possible from connecting the dots around this medical polio obfuscation. Jonas Salk and human experiments using this vaccine were conducted purposely on orphans in government/church run institutions because they were vulnerable and didn’t require any parental consent signatures, as they had no parents.Aluminum and mercury are ingredients in most not all) vaccines today and both are proven to cause paralysis and motor neuron destruction………..known as many different names, depending on just how much the science/medical authority figure in the room wants to lead you astray that day. The vaccine was “declared safe” by “medicine” () and that vaccine gave 40,000 orphans polio, permanently paralyzed hundreds and killed at least 10 children.When someone today repeats anything about polio and polio elimination based on vaccination, they’re repeating known lies, told by known liars. Repeaters are FIRM IN THEIR BELIEFS yet have NEVER researched beyond what they were told to believe.

How did 80% of North Americans come to become extremely unhealthy in our most technologically advanced era? HR7W Cancerous tumors, still being pulled out of people today, are riddled with SV40 cancer viruses from the government’s “” polio vaccine. In the book Virus Mania, top scientists in the field declare that polio doesn’t and has never qualified as a viral disease because it fails to spread from person to person or animal to animal. The answer is heavy metal and other forms of toxic poisoning that causes partial or full paralysis. The elite groups who organize such fraud based operations increase tyrannical control over a diseased, die-empowered, depressed, dis-satisfied, dis-oriented and dumbed down population.Such a population is easier to control, steal from, manipulate and govern.All injuries and deaths under reported of course by the same authorities who orchestrated the atrocity. A focused attack on defenseless children, by people charged with their care. In this attached link regarding the Cutter Incident where vulnerable children were purposely targeted, the killing of the children is advertised as “a great help to science” in better understanding the disease. The next “improved” polio vaccine, given to hundreds of millions, carried both the SV 40 cancer virus as well as the AIDS virus. The polio con job, ranked as 1 of the top 10 medical con jobs of all time, is clearly described in this selected chapter of the book “” by leading medical doctor, Dr. The reason so much effort is placed into medical con jobs like this is to continually infuse the public with false fear regarding viruses that don’t exist, and also to provide false hope and blind faith belief in toxic vaccines and poisonous medications, which only worsen a population’s overall health status. Again, this is when a confused citizen needs to investigate EUGENICS and the history (and families) behind that movement.

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A poisoning of innocent children and then the excuses and apologies, regarding how it won’t happen again. Every step of the way, medicine declaring they know for sure, that this time, they have everything straightened out. The only thing larger than the pile of broken medical and government promises regarding polio, vaccines and disease eradication….the pile of broken and dead bodies that rockets skywards as medicine, science and government continually apply failed healing protocols to a heavily indoctrinated and bewildered public. The end result is the same, regardless of medical ambush.The darkness and deceit around the polio vaccine doesn’t just stop there. HC Emerson, investigating a ‘polio’ outbreak in 1907, discovered that a) no polio cases in exclusively breastfed infants b) the eating of fresh fruits and vegetables preceded the onset of ‘poliomyelitis’ in many others.

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