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10-Aug-2020 13:47

State media reported that Buddhists were being evacuated by helicopter citing safety concerns; Buddhists reportedly feared that their villages would be ambushed by mobs of armed Muslims.The New York Children rest at a refugee camp in Bayeun, outside of Langsa, Indonesia, May 20.The area was put on military lockdown and declared a counterterrorism “operation zone.” Read More: Oct. Troops were deployed to the areas surrounding Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung towns in northern Arakan state. Within days of the lockdown, more than 800 Arakanese Buddhists arrived in the state capital Sittwe.An estimated 162,000 people in the area normally receive life-saving assistance from the World Food Programme and other U. More than 1,200 Muslims fled their villages and sought shelter in Buthidaung town.Solidarity is what moves these people to help organisations, such as Première Urgence Internationale and solidarity is a very important concept in this community.In addition, “”In Myanmar, the discrimination pervades neighborhoods, workplaces, but even hospitals.Eight assailants were reportedly killed by security personnel immediately following the attacks.

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In conclusion, this is a very important experience regarding the access to the population and the HIV/AIDS awareness interventions, through a community-based approach.

Humanitarian workers and independent journalists have been banned from affected areas as the Burmese army, known locally as the Tatmadaw, carries out what it calls “clearance operations.” The government, which is headed by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, said that those killed were jihadists — information that was gleaned, it said, through interrogations.

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