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Dressed in cool shades of beige and green timber framing, The Majestic Malacca retains its genuine old world charm and the architectural design integrates the old with the new to perfection.

And pre-dinner Signature Cocktails are another huge highlight, at the Majestic hotel bar. Apparently the only place in Malacca that serves this unique gin, the cocktail is made with Tanqueray Malacca gin, hazelnut syrup, green apple juice, ginger, spring mint leaves.

In the middle of the 15th century, the sultan of Melaka imported the Ming emperor’s daughter from China as his bride in a move to seal relations between the two countries.

She brought with her a vast retinue, including 500 handmaidens, who settled around Bukit China. Since the times of British rule, there have been several attempts to acquire Bukit China for road widening, land reclamation or development purposes.

Klebang beach is a popular location for the locals (as well as visitors) to hang out, and enjoy the breeze and watch fishermen boats and ships sail by. As we explored Malacca, on this particular trip, we found ourselves in Kampung Jawa.

Steeped in a rich tapestry of multicultural influences reflected in its heritage architecture, diverse lifestyles and eclectic cuisine, this classic hotel is an integral part of Malacca’s colourful history.

Within its interiors, the intricate Straits Chinese porcelain tiles were lovingly restored and gleam elegantly beside plush leather chairs and dark teakwood fittings.

The Straits Chinese porcelain tiles of the era were all imported from Europe and was the norm for wealthy Straits Chinese families in Malacca.

Only 150KM from Kuala Lumpur, it’s definitely a favorite port of call for most visitors to Malaysia.

Here at 10 of our favourite Things to do in Malacca …Walapun ada pihak yang mempertikaikan tindakan Awie menjalankan perniagaan kelab malam yang bertempat di Ipoh, Perak, Awie mendakwa dia mempunyai perancangan untuk membuka tiga lagi cawangan kelab malamnya yang dipanggil Malai Rock Station.