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She wanted to become more of a chairman-of-the-board type and oversee the long term success of the business while letting someone else become the CEO, who could focus on the more mundane details.

Stonebriar would always be her baby, she would never give it up, but it was time to scale back, she knew it and so did the other key executives around her.t convinced that either of them was qualified. In most companies the person that was passed over ended up leaving for another job at another company. Disgruntled employees were simply not allowed to leave, due to the highly secretive and specialized nature of their work.

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She knew that Dominique was well aware of the pressures that she was under to process this girl quickly and move her down to Level 2, the training stage.Every staff member on Level One, especially Dominique and Teresa, were under constant pressure to break the girls quickly and get them to sign the consent form to move to the next phase of their training.