Older adventist women dating younger men

22-Nov-2019 00:16

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syn: advantage, benefit, profit all mean something that is of use or value.

advantage is anything that places a person in a favorable or superior position, esp.

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He was a carpenter and carpenters in those days not only worked with wood, they worked with stones.As used in the phrase, however, napping does not carry its literal meaning of ‘sleeping.’ It means simply ‘unawares, off guard, inattentive.’get the drop on To have the advantage over someone; to be in a superior, controlling position, such that one cannot be taken unawares.Most sources cite the following quotation from Alexander K. Sports A situation in soccer in which the referee has signaled that a foul has been committed but delays making the call because the fouled team has a more favorable position in play.

If the fouled team loses this favorable position, the referee then makes the call.In stud poker a hole card is the card dealt face down in the first round. Reilly’s use of this boxing metaphor:catch a weasel asleep To gain an advantage over something due to its inattentiveness. This expression is an older equivalent of the current to catch someone napping.catch napping To acquire an advantage over someone through his inattentiveness.