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22-Sep-2019 10:06

So rather than getting the bound item directly, I have to retrieve the grid Row's Data Item index, then use that index and retrieve the value from the original data source.

At that point I have the data I need to be on my way and do my business logic (which in this case is very simple).

If I insert a new record into the gridview, how to set the FOCUS to any particular text-field in this new record? Dmitriy My email:[email protected]@Tony:===================================Public Class Some Page Inherits Page Private With Events gv Schedule As Grid View Protected Sub Page_Load(sender As Object, e As System. Load Schedule = New Grid View Add Handler gv Schedule. End Sub End Class===================================HTH, Jeff Nice work Mahr!

Did you have this problem before and how to solve that? Row Editing, Address Of gv Schedule_Row Editing End Sub Public Sub gv Schedule_Row Editing(sender As Object, e As Grid View Edit Event Args) Handles gv Schedule.

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Actually, at each post back a dynamically templated Grid View cannot be presented from View State so we have to create and bind it explicitly using this method on all post backs. Please help me with a sample source code on the above regards. Sort Expression = datatable.column[i].columnname Dont add header template. And implement gridview_sorting event.i want add dropdown and label inside the i add together it gives me error.

The problem with the button field is that it's very limited in functionality.

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