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if you doesn’t want to go for Federation you can share free busy using below method See – How to Configure Cross forest Availability Service (Free/Busy, Auto discover) – Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2010 Step 14: Please look into the below link for configuring Cross forest coexistence mail flow How to Configure Cross forest connectors (Mail flow) Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2010 Happy Cross forest Migration !! Before installing any firmware version, be sure to make a backup of your configuration and read all release notes that apply to versions more recent than the one currently running on your system.This Migration Guide will help you to migrate mailboxes across forest Its always people go confused when source and target forests are Exchange 2010, I have tried to explain as detailed a possible and covered one method where “Running .\Prepare Move Request.ps1 first and then using ADMT to migrate the Sid History” of the users Please share your feedback in comments , So that I can update the guide frequently so lets go ahead Step 1: Have Trust in place across forests , In my Situation I created Two way Transitive Trust where I won’t get into any permission constraints Good to know : We can limit permissions by going for different type of trusts See – How to Create Two way Transitive Trust – Windows Server 2008 R2 Step 2: You need Active Directory Migration Tool to Get your User accounts migrated without any hassle, You can install it in either of the forests but , Have installed in the target forest , where I will be doing most of my work See – How to install ADMT 3.2 in Windows Server 2008 R2 Step 3: If you are planning to Migrate the User account with SID – Which is recommended – where users will still have access to their old forest where they will be recognized like access to file shares and permission groups .So I would always recommend to get your SID along with the Users If you are planning to Migrate Users with Password that doesn’t happen by default , You have to Configure “Password Export Server” in the source domain See – How to Migrate Users Across forest (Cross Forest) using ADMT 3.2 with sid and Passwords Step 4: Enable MRS Proxy on the Source Client Access Server which is going to Facilitate the Remote move from the Source Forest, I have described Enabling MRS proxy where version is Exchange 2010 Sp1 or later cause enabling in RTM version differs See- How to Enable MRS Proxy and Increase timeout In Exchange 2010 Step 5: Ignore if you are not using a Self Signed Cert. they go for bulk migration Step 7 : Created a Test Mailbox – Mailbox1 Step 8: First Store the Access Credentials in the Shell Please don’t confuse yourself Here.It’s also a relatively complex format – almost a complete file system – and as a result can occasionally suffer from corruption and accompanying data loss.Microsoft provides the utility “scanpst” to scan and repair PST files suspected to have issues.If there’s only one copy of something – say a photograph on a mobile phone – then it’s not backed up.If that device were to fail or be lost, then the photograph would be lost forever as well.

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It’s generally recommended that important data be backed up in data also be backed up in another physical location, such as a different building, or online.Step 12: To Move the Users in Bulk See- Cross forest Move Mailbox in Bulk – Exchange2010 to Exchange 2010 Step 13: If you doesn’t want to share free/busy information as of now.Skip it if you want to share Free/busy information between these forests.Rather than telling you where the default location is, let’s use Outlook itself to tell you the exact path of your PST file and then use Windows itself to do the same.

I’m using Outlook 2013, but the technique is similar for older versions.

Do not manually reboot your system at any time during an update, unless otherwise instructed by Barracuda Networks Technical Support.