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10-Nov-2019 20:11

Pay Pal said research had shown that people in the UK owe billions of pounds through casual borrowing from friends, family or colleagues.

But people tended to give up on those debts, rather than pursuing them, according to the research.

Pay with Western Union: We also accept Western Union payments for most orders.

Please contact us for necessary details if you would like to pay with Western Union.

Anyway he has given me a full refund and as an apology he is sending me the item for free!

Make a payment below with the Pay Pal button: But please call or text (855) 933-4652, or “live chat” with us FIRST for wedding date & time availability for immediate response. You will receive an instant receipt from Pay Pal and we will send you a confirmation email from us as well shortly.

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You can trace the status of your payment using your Pay Pal account.I forwarded to him a copy of the payment summary from ebay and he emailed back to say it didn't have a transaction I. so I forwarded a copy of the receipt from my paypal which had the I. He hasn't responded to the dispute so I don't know what will happen.

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