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No MOST men do NOT have this problem unless they drink alcohol likeit's water... It is a pretty clear sign of someone who drinks to the point of blacking out, and unless you dream of being with an alcoholic and cleaning up their messes, I would cut your losses and move on. I just got off the phone with him and I have decided to move on. I do however feel sorry for them, or more so for the next girl that he get with. I've never had it happen, nor know anyone it happened to. Never heard of this before, and never had it happen, even with drunken dates back in the day. Surprised that a man would sleep at your house knowing this would happen. I wouldn't hang around to long with these fellows Opie. Good to know I am not the only woman that has went through this. Oh, and no, it's not normal for adult men to be peeing in your bed or anyone else's. urinating where one shouldnt isnt a good "sign"Not sure about the man peeing in the corner of your room, think he just drinks way too much. My ex attended a recovery house for addictions and this was mentioned. She ended up buying a waterbed, at least it was a plastic mattress and could be wiped off.Stunning Czech brunette Vany Ully is at her desk writing in her notepad when she decides to take a break from all that boring work.Peeing Cupid is the web’s premier pee dating and pissing personals site.Unlike other adult dating sites we specialise only in peeing.She rips the crotch of her pantyhose to get into her pussy and continues to pee, catching her stream in her hands and spraying it all up her top and into her mouth.Her piss puddle overflows and Vany gets up, turns around and rubs her ass in her golden juices, soaking her pantyhose through.

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Both men after a night of us partying have had problems with peeing the bed/on the floor. I guess if you keep dating guys like this, I'd suggest that you point them toward a nice product called Depends ...edit: Dammit, I hate it when they beat me to the punchline ..umm... they suffer from somnambulism and have nfi they've even done it... The sofa underneath is soaked in her juices but Vany doesn't care. Vany stands up and fucks her pussy with a black dildo frantically since she is so turned on and even sticks it to the glass table before riding it!