Phon hot chat sample

05-Dec-2019 17:45

You want to go on a date with her, and the phone conversation is the catapult to get you there.

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" The best days to call a girl is from Sunday - Wednesday.

Thursday - Saturdays are normally days where people go out and socialize.

Remember, CALLING & DRIVING Before you leave your interaction with her, setup a time when you'll call her.

I like to call her the day I get her number because you'll still be on her mind.

When she answers, you both can start the conversation where you left off.

"So you were saying you were locked up in that cage for how long?

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" sometime back, and that covers the basics; Ricardus has covered phone numbers somewhat in a couple of different posts.) It can range from asking her a question she must answer, to saying something completely off the wall to intrigue her to call you back. " Which makes it easy for her to respond in one word answers, "My mother's uterus." "Go to sleep." "I'm an orphan." Instead, talk about the things that interest you.

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Sometimes she’d sit there for an hour, eating her lunch and talking to the other girls.… continue reading »

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